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EARN: The Reliable Way for Passive Crypto Earnings

EARN is a safe & secure way to generate passive earnings on your existing crypto investments

Crypto assets have brought a new way of earning passively by HODL-ing long term while generating additional earnings. But even passive earnings have taken a hit during the crypto winter, as you must have recently come across about Celsius and Anchor Protocol.

With the ongoing market sentiments and recent events concerning crypto projects, choosing a reliable and secure platform is very essential.

At CoinDCX, keeping your funds secure is always our #1 priority. We launched EARN earlier this year with the goal to provide a simple way to build crypto wealth passively. When you put your crypto to Earn, they are deployed across Trusted Custodians and Income Generating avenues to generate fixed rewards with minimum risk. 

We would like to expand on this a little more and go deeper into how your funds are completely safe as users of EARN. 

Steps we take to keep your EARN funds secure:

Following this risk management strategy helps us handle funds better and maintain a balance between safe investment opportunities and passive earning rates. 

For example, if the threshold for Bitcoin under EARN is 10,000 BTC, we will NOT accept any more EARN requests beyond this threshold. So ensure you put your cryptos in EARN before they are fully subscribed!

For example, the EARN crypto deposit rate on Bitcoin can be 2.50% on one day and be changed to 2% subsequently based on the prevailing market scenario.

So stress not!

As we always state, our No.1 priority is to maintain your trust in us and any step we take is thought through to ensure your funds stay protected.

So go ahead, check out EARN on CoinDCX and make your cryptos work for you without any worry.

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