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Introducing Crypto Investment Plan (CIP) for Systematic Investing in Bitcoin & Cryptos

Crypto Investment Plan

Introducing the Crypto Investment Plan by CoinDCX 

Investing is a continuous process of saving and investing at regular intervals. When investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other crypto asset, the best method to invest is to invest as you do with any other asset (such as mutual funds or gold), regularly over a long period.

Your convenient hassle-free option to do this with cryptos is CoinDCX’s all-new Crypto Investment Plan (C.I.P)! 

Similar to how systematic investing works for mutual funds, CIP or Crypto Investment Plan works for crypto assets. All you have to do is add funds to your CoinDCX Wallet and choose the amount you want to invest in your desired coin. That is it!

Let’s walk you through why this is the ONE investment strategy you should be using!

How does CIP by CoinDCX benefit the Crypto Investors in India? 

Systematic investing in Mutual funds is set in place to help you build a regular process for your investment options. Given the highly volatile market of the crypto space, it is critical to have a similar option for your crypto investments. 

To assist you in building a consistent investment behavior within the crypto domain, CIP acts as an automated investment plan that will eliminate the risk of delayed decision-making. You only need to choose the amount you want to invest weekly, in Bitcoin or other available crypto tokens. You can also opt for multiple CIPs for the same coin! 

The most interesting part? You do not need to keep a constant tab on the crypto market. Just invest and relax!

Did you know? 

If you had invested ₹ 400 every week in Bitcoin for the last 2 years. Then:

Each Installment = ₹ 400

Frequency of Installments = Weekly

Total Number of Installments = 96

Total Investment = ₹ 9600

Current Valuation = ₹19,890

Profit = 107.19 %

Source: Defiadda

Simply out, CIP in Bitcoin & other crypto helps you invest with: 

Note: We will keep adding more and more new coins to CIP! Keep an eye out for your favorite coin if it’s not available already!

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How to start your investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum & Other Cryptos using CIP by CoinDCX?

Start your Crypto Investment Plan in Bitcoin or our other available coins within minutes with these simple steps :

Time needed: 4 minutes.

Step 1: Open your CoinDCX App & Select “Buy with CIP” on your home screen

Step 2:  Select the coin you want to start your CIP for

Step 3: Click on CIP Amount 

Step 4: Select the amount you want to invest on a weekly basis

Step 5: Click on “Start CIP”

Step 6: That’s it! Your Crypto Investment Plan(CIP) will be active!

That’s it! Enjoy your investing in bitcoin & more without regularly keeping tabs on the crypto market!

FAQs on Crypto Investment Plan(CIP) by CoinDCX

1. What is CIP?

Crypto Investment Plan, also known as CIP, helps you build your crypto investment portfolio by investing a fixed amount every week. Crypto tokens available as of May 2022 are, Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Polkadot, Loopring, Solana, and Ripple. 

2. What is the minimum amount I can invest with CIP?

Currently, the minimum amount to start your CIP is INR 200. The other available options are INR 500, INR 1000, and INR 2000.

3. How to deposit money in CoinDCX for CIP?

To deposit money in CoinDCX for investing in Bitcoin and other coins you first have to link either your bank account or your online payment account to CoinDCX and transfer your INR funds.

4. How to pause or stop your Crypto Investment Plan?

The CIP amount will be auto-invested from your CoinDCX wallet every week. You can cancel your CIP anytime.

Click here for more FAQs.

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