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Tron(TRX)/USDT Price Prediction : 18 January 2022

Tron Technical Analysis


Tron emerged during 2017’s crypto-mania which is backed by a group of investors and developers who have a similar vision to reshape the internet with cryptocurrencies. Tron went on to be more than a blockchain network to become home for decentralized applications, smart contracts, tokens, etc. Moreover, the platform raised many eyebrows when it built Ethereum compatible components way back in 2017. Alongside, Tron focused more on publicizing the founder Justin Sun and also expanded its reach beyond Asia. 

The Tron platform is powered by its native token TRX which carries multiple benefits other than being just a cryptocurrency. The TRX price maintained a notable upward trajectory for a long time. Currently, the price is swinging within a notable descending trend but also attempting to find higher support levels. If the flip from here is successful, then we can expect a notable rally waiting ahead. 

What is Tron-In Brief

Tron was founded by Justin Sun, a two-time recipient of the ’30-under-30′ award Asia. The platform was backed by many investors including the Clash of Titans founder, Tang Binsen, and CEO of OFO, a bike-sharing start-up, Dai Wei. These supporters enhanced the visibility of the platform during the 2017 ICO. 

It is a decentralized digital platform that uses the features of both blockchain and peer-to-peer technology to eliminate the involvement of any middle man. It intends to eliminate the corporate middleman, especially within the media industry. 

The native token of the Tron platform is Tronix or TRX and the smallest denomination is called ‘Sun’. Nearly 100 billion TRX were created during the ICO of the project in 2017 among which 40 billion TRX were allotted for public sale, 15 billion TRX for private sale, 35 billion TRX reserved for Tron Foundation, and 10 billion TRX reserved for Peiwo, the initial supporter.

How Does Tron Work?

Tron’s native token, TRX was created on the Ethereum network and later in 2018 migrated to its blockchain. The traders are required to swap their ETH tokens for TRX.

The Tron platform uses the delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism where-in the platform randomly selects super representatives every 6 hours. They later become eligible to win TRX tokens after validating the blocks on the blockchain. 

The users can operate three different types of nodes. Witness nodes that propose blocks and vote on the proposals on network upgrade. Full nodes broadcast the transactions and blocks and Solidity nodes sync blocks from full nodes. 

Like any other blockchains, TRZ uses an account-based model and en route the exchange of data through 3 layers. 

  • Core Layer

This layer is responsible for computing the instructions written in Java or Solidity and sending them to the Tron Virtual Machine, which is later executed. 

  • Application Layer

Here the developers create wallets and applications powered by TRX cryptocurrency. 

  • Storage Layer

This layer is designed to store the blockchain data and the smart contract data.

Will TRX Price Hit $1 in 2022?

The TRX price after undergoing a silent rally for a very long time surged high to attain levels above 10 cents, actually very close to 20 cents. Yet, the May 2021 crash dragged the price too low as $0.05. Since then the asset flipped the bearish trend and regained its position above $0.1 which also remained a short-lived one. The asset again plunged towards its initial levels around $0.06.

At the press time, the asset is attempting to make a notable rebound from the rock bottom levels and after a slight jump, yet again the bears are much in action. However, StochRSI is hovering within the overbought levels and hence indicating a minor retracement fast approaching. Yet the RSI is ranging towards the north and after the current pullback, the price may regain the bullish momentum. However, smashing $1 may be pretty tough presently, but with the market slightly going parabolic, TRX price may also follow towards the north. 

Factors Impacting TRX Price Today!

Staking on TRX

Users receive one Tron Power for every TRX they stake. Further similar to other blockchains the users receive rewards for staking their assets. 

Alternate Platform for Digital Sharing

Tron eliminates the middleman by directly sharing the content from the creators to the consumers. However, all the data is cryptographically secure and recorded on the blockchain. 

Tron Future Roadmap

Tron developers have laid down the plan of the platform’s development that began in 2017 and exists until 2027. With 6 different stages starting from Exodus to Eternity, TRX is expected to be highly impacted by the developments ahead

Tron in Gaming Industry

The thriving gaming industry has attracted many blockchains and Tron without staying behind has launched TRONdogs. It is a blockchain-based virtual game wherein the users can purchase dogs using TRX and trade. 

Where & How to buy Tron(TRX)

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