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Tron Price Surges by 2% & LUNA Price Down by 93.22%. Which May Be the Best Bet Right Now?

Key Takeaways:

How High will Terra (LUNA) Price Go in May 2022 

Terra price is currently witnessing the most horrible nightmare in its history. After struggling hard for nearly a year to achieve a 3-digit figure by surging more than 2000%, the price fell by more than 10x from its highs. Moreover, it lost nearly 12K% since May 5 alone which slashed the price from $88 to as low as $0.7

At present no possibility of recovery or pausing the ongoing downtrend is witnessed as the price has broken all the crucial support. After hitting 10-month low levels, LUNA’s price may still discover new lows as selling volume mounts heavily and the possibilities of adding up another zero also emerges. However, the asset could consolidate for an extended period but a v-shape recovery may be off-the-track for a prolonged time. 

How High will Tron (TRX) Price Go in May 2022 

Tron price is marking significant strength in the recent times by recovering losses quickly and steadily. Currently, after dropping from its highs, the price was undergoing a parabolic recovery but the current market movements hindered the rally. However, the asset is consolidating very hard and attempting a steep recovery at the earliest.

Presently, the TRX price still maintains its uptrend line that it is following since the beginning of May’s trade. And hence a significant upswing may be expected in the upcoming days. The price may quash the bearish pressure to regain value at $0.09 initially and with an extended upswing may also eliminate the zero in its price very soon. 

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Terra(LUNA) Technical Analysis 

Source: Tradingview

Check out the Latest Prices, Charts, and Data of  LUNA/USDT.

Tron(TRX) Technical Analysis 

Source: Tradingview

Check out the Latest Prices, Charts, and Data of  TRX/USDT.

Terra(LUNA) vs Tron (TRX): Analysis 

Comparison Basis Terra (LUNA) Tron (TRX)
Launch date 2019 2017
Founders Daniel Shin and Do Kwon Justin Sun
Blockchain protocol Terra network TRON Protocol
Token type Native Native
Use case It’s a fiat pegged stable coin and acts as a governance token for the LUNA coin holders. It helps in receiving airdrops, receiving credit card payments, and purchasing items from WeChat stores.
Market Cap* $818,223,919 $6,907,074,913
Circulation Supply** 530,700,731.01 LUNA 98,188,384,004 TRX
Consensus method Delegated Proof-of-stake (DPoS) Delegated Proof-of-stake (DPoS)

MarketCap* and Circulation Supply** as of May 2022

Source: CoinMarketCap

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