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Ravencoin Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, & 2025


Key Takeaways: 

  • The Ravencoin price closed the previous day’s trade at $0.06012 with a market capitalisation of $646.95 million and a circulating supply of 10.47 billion 
  • The RVN price since the beginning of the month has received a huge influx of buying volume that has uplifted the price close to 150% paving way for a bullish close for 2022

What is Ravencoin(RVN)? 

Ethereum blockchain is well-known as a platform upon which numerous projects are built including DEX, dApps, and tokens. Ravencoin offers a similar feature for the proof-of-Work blockchain, intending to facilitate the issuance of tokens. The base code of the chain is based on a fork of Bitcoin but highlights a decentralized consensus mechanism within a secured environment. 

Ravencoin uses the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism while the hashing algorithm, X16R is designed to combat mining through ASICs. The chain can be used to issue tokens that represent traditional assets like Gold, shares of stock, virtual goods, etc. Users can also create NFTs on Ravencoin using the RVN wallet platform called MangoFarm Assets. 

Ravencoin Price Analysis for September 2022

Current Price $0.06367
Market Cap $666.87 million
Circulating Supply 10.47 billion
Max Supply 21 billion
Vol (24H) $330 million
Change(24h) +2.38%
Change (7D) +78.15%
Change (30D) +76.92%

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Ravencoin Price Prediction 2022

Ravencoin (RVN) Prediction September 2022

The Ravencoin is experiencing huge buying pressure since the beginning of the month, due to which the price is closer to accomplish a parabolic recovery to reclaim the positions above $0.073. As the buyers have dominated the rally, the price could remain elevated for another couple of days ahead. The RVN price may initially regain $0.077 and later by the end of the month could rise high beyond $0.085.

Ravencoin (RVN) Prediction October 2022

The beginning of Q4 could be pretty bullish for the RVN crypto and hence may maintain a notable upswing. The prime target could be to regain the positions above $0.1 but the bears could restrict the price to around $0.93. After withstanding minor bearish actions, the RVN price may close the October trade around $0.091

Ravencoin (RVN) Prediction November 2022

As the rally heads towards the yearly close, the markets tend to become more volatile, hence Ravencoin could also gain a huge bullish push to surpass $0.1. While the bears are expected to be well-positioned at these levels, bulls may also be poised to hold the token above $0.1. By the end of the month, the RVN price may trade around $0.105 to $0.109

Will Ravencoin Price Reach $0.12 by December 2022?

December has been historically attested to be one of the profitable months & hence the price movement may also be pretty bullish. After securing $0.1 levels, the RVN price may further head towards the next resistance at $0.11 by the mid of December. Further, by the end of the month or the year 2022, the RVN price may trade close to $0.12 and may also surpass amid extensive bullish action. 

Ravencoin Price Prediction 2023

Will Ravencoin Price Reach $0.2 by December 2023?

After registering a bullish close for the year 2022, Ravencoin may continue to rise but at a lowered pace during the Q1 trade of 2023. The bears may attempt very hard to drag the price back below $0.1 but the bulls could hold the price firmly. By the end of Q1, the price may hover around $0.128 and head further could close the H1 2023 trade between $0.135 to $0.139. 

Moving ahead, the token is expected to consolidate for a while as the bulls may remain passive. By the end of Q3, Ravencoin token price may rise beyond $0.15 and try to reach $0.155 levels. Later, after experiencing a slight rejection, the RVN price may rebound finely to surpass the $0.179 levels and by the end of the year 2023, the token may trade around $0.188 to $0.194.

Ravencoin Price Prediction 2024

Will Ravencoin Price Reach $0.5 by December 2024?

Ravencoin in the first couple of weeks in 2024 may maintain a significant upswing and surpass the $0.2 mark. Meanwhile, the price may certainly not face any major hurdle as the trend could remain low-key. However, by the end of the first half of 2024, the RVN price is expected to trade around $0.28 to $0.37. 

The bulls are expected to hold the dominance throughout the year 2024, as the bears could have been exhausted, attempting to drag prices lower. By the end of Q3 2024, the price could have settled around $0.42 and by the end of yearly trade, the price may reach levels around $0.52, but face a rejection to trade close to $0.5. 

Ravencoin Price Prediction 2025

Will Ravencoin Price Reach $1 by December 2025?

After reaching the levels beyond $0.5, the bulls may be triggered and ignite a bull rally that may uplift the price beyond $0.65 in Q1 2025. However, an extreme bearish action may further drop the price below $0.5 to reach $0.48. By the end of H1 2025, the prices may settle above $0.54. 

In the second half of 2025, the token is expected to regain bullish momentum and reach the yearly highs at $0.65 initially. The Q4 trade is expected to be extremely bullish and may rise the price beyond $0.8. However, by the end of 2025, the RVN price may trade around $0.88 to $0.95. 

Ravencoin (RVN) Price Comparison Table (2017-2022)

Year End of Year Price % Change
2017 NA NA
2018 $0.012 -59.55%
2019 $0.022 +77.95%
2020 $0.012 -45.67%
2021 $0.098 +694.97%
2022 $0.063* -36.10%*

*at the press time

Ravencoin Price Technical Analysis


Source: Tradingview

  • The Ravencoin price has been on recovery mode from the beginning which has been intensified nowadays
  • After reaching the highs, the RVN coin is expected to undergo a minor correction, but remain within the parabolic curve
  • The price is expected to reach the neckline in the next 10 to 12 days and face a rejection that may accomplish a cup & handle pattern
  • The RVN crypto price may further ignite a significant upswing after executing the plunge and retracement to reach $0.1 at the earliest

RVN Price Comparison with Polygon (MATIC) 

Ravencoin Price

Source: Tradingview

  • Ravencoin works for Bitcoin in a similar way as Polygon works for Ethereum, but carry their own features & limitations
  • While MATIC price remains heavily consolidated, RVN price displayed a huge bullish momentum in the past few days
  • The MATIC/USDT price dropped from the average levels to drop to -9.30% at the moment
  • On the other hand, RVN/USDT price raised from the bottoms at around -27% to reach the highs at +64.55% at the press time

RVN Price Comparison with BTC (Correlation) 


Source: Tradingview

  • The Ravencoin price has been displaying a similar price movement with both of the pairs, USDT & BTC
  • The BTC pair has been displaying some strength but not outperforming the USDT pair in the short term
  • The RVN/USDT pair raised from the lower support at -26.79% to reach the highs at +78.45% and presently trading at +64.33%
  • Conversely, the RVN/BTC price rebounded from -12.41% and surged to reach +104.52% and currently trading at +91.36%

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Factors affecting Ravencoin Price

  • The hash rate of Ravencoin has spiked heavily as the Ethereum Merge gets closer 
  • One of the popular exchange FTX announced the listing of Ravencoin Perpetual future trade on its platform

Where & How to buy Ravencoin (RVN)

You can buy Ravencoin or any of your desired cryptos on CoinDCX. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps,

  • Download CoinDCX App on your smartphone
  • Register by entering your details
  • Once your profile is verified, fund your wallet & buy RVN token


What is Ravencoin?

Ravencoin is a proof-of-work-based blockchain that facilitates the issuance of new tokens

Is RVN a good investment in 2022?

RVN price has displayed huge bullish momentum in recent times and hence may be considered as a good investment in 2022

Will RVN's price reach $0.12 in 2022?

Ravencoin’s recent price surge has enhanced the price projections for 2022. The price may now surge beyond $0.15 and hit $0.2.

What will be the Ravencoin price by 2023?

The RVN price may withstand any bearish pressure to surpass the $0.179 levels and by the end of the year 2023, the token may trade around $0.188 to $0.194.

What will be the Ravencoin price by 2024?

By the end of yearly trade, the price may reach levels around $0.52, but face a rejection to trade close to $0.5.

What will be the Ravencoin price by 2025?

The Ravencoin price may try hard to surge beyond $1 by the end of 2025 but may be restricted below $0.98.

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