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Phoenix Global Price Prediction 2023: PHB Price May Mark New ATH beyond $2.6 

Phoenix Global Price Prediction 2023

Key Takeaways:

Price  $0.9036
24H Price Change  -0.82%
7D Price Change -29.2%
MarketCap  $35.61 million
Circulating Supply 39.76 million
Trading Volume  $15.15 million
ATH $2.55
ATL $0.066

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Phoenix Global  Price History

Phoenix Global Technical Analysis

Source: Tradingview

Overview of Phoenix Global On-chain Analysis:

Phoenix Global Sharpe Ratio


Every investment carries the possibility of incurring profit or loss and hence they are subjected to risks. Sharpe ratio compares the return of an investment with its risk. It is the widely used method to measure risk-adjusted relative returns. It can also help to analyze whether the incurred profit of a portfolio is a calculated move or just luck.

The Sharpe ratio above 1 is usually considered a ‘good’ which offers excess returns relative to volatility. A negative ratio, as in the present case, occurs either when the investment is lower than the risk-free rate or forecasts the possibility of a negative return. However, the investors prefer a positive ratio expecting higher returns.

Phoenix Global Volatility


The volatility of a token refers to the price fluctuations around its mean price which is believed to be healthy with a steady increase or decrease within a decent price range. It also can be extreme causing sudden price movements in either direction. Volatility is also a measure of the dispersion of the price over a period of time. 

Cryptos are generally considered highly volatile and subjected to sudden and massive price swings. High volatility flashes the possibility for high returns as the price fluctuations are huge compared to that of lower volatility. Currently, the levels are negative which suggests the price variation is less and hence it may continue hovering in the current direction for a long.

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Phoenix Global Price Prediction for 2023

The price since the start of 2023 has been bullish after losing momentum to bears in the first few weeks of its inception. The volume, however, is maintaining extremely lower levels and hence slashed the volatility to a large extent. Presently, the trend appears to have reversed as the prices have begun to head toward the south. 

However, fewer chances of a rebound may also be expected as the indicators are undergoing a bullish divergence which has to be validated. With the confirmation, the PHB price may rise and end the Q1 trade beyond $1. Further, it may maintain a consolidated trend and close the Q2 trade around $1.3. During the second half, the bullish momentum is expected to rise and end the yearly trade at around $1.67 to $1.91.

Phoenix Global Price Prediction for 2024

The PHB price may reclaim the levels above $2 in the first few weeks of 2024 and spark a fine upswing ahead. This ascending trend may further transform into a bull run as the bulls who have accumulated strength from the past few years are believed to utilize their power and uplift the price above bearish captivity.

The bull run could begin during the last few weeks of Q1 and prevail throughout the year ahead. The price after rising above its ATH may form new highs every day and reach beyond $3 by the end of H1 2024. During the second half of the year, the price is believed to mark new highs beyond $5

Phoenix Global PRICE PREDICTION 2025-2030

The bullish trend may prevail for the first few days of 2025, beyond which the token may face a drastic drop. The bears may begin to slash the prices hard and kick-start the bear market that may last throughout 2026, marking bottoms somewhere around $1.5 to $1.8. Meanwhile, the market participants may expect some relief in 2027 as a decent recovery phase may begin. 

The rally is expected to intensify its price variation including frequent spikes as bulls may begin to exhibit their strength in 2028. Further by the end of the year, a strong recovery phase may begin that may transform into a bull run in 2029 wherein the prices may soar beyond 2-digit figures. The price may reach close to $15 in 2030 and quickly fall into a bearish trap to end the yearly trade below $12.

Year Phoneix Global  Price Forecast
2023 $1.7 to $1.9
2024 $4.8 to $5.2
2025 $3.5 to $3.65

Should you invest in Phoenix Global in 2023? 

Phoenix Global price has been withstanding bearish pressures ever since the token started to be traded in the markets. Although the markets currently are under extreme bearish action, the bulls are believed to regain their dominance very soon. Hence, the price could resume its upswing once the bears get exhausted. Besides, before making any investment, it is very important to carry out thorough research on the core fundamentals, the future vision, and the team behind the cause. Also, close observation of the price movements and chart patterns is imperative.


What will Phoenix Global be worth in 2023?

The Phoenix Global price could be around $1.8 to $2 by the end of 2023.

What will be the price of 1 Phoenix Global in 2030?

The price of 1 Phoenix Global in 2030 may trade beyond 2 digit figure of around $12 to $13.

Will Phoenix Global ever hit $50?

The price is expected to reach beyond $10 in 2030 and may further maintain a decent upswing in the coming years.

Is Phoenix Global a safe investment?

The Phoenix Global price has been displaying its strength and has rebounded finely after each bearish action. Hence with deep research and analysis, Phoenix Global could be a safe investment.

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