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Terra(LUNA) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024 & 2025 l This May be When LUNA Price May hit INR 5000!

LUNA Price

Key Takeaways

  • The LUNA price closed the previous day’s trade at INR 222.59 with a market capitalization of INR 47 billion and a circulating supply of 210 million LUNA
  • LUNA prices are dropping hard and may reach the lowest levels before igniting a significant upswing ahead
  • However, in the upcoming days, the asset may rise extremely high to trade above 4-digit figure and eventually smash INR 5000 in 2025

Price Comparison Table (2017-22)

Year End of Year Price % Change
2017 NA NA
2018 NA NA
2019 NA NA
2020 NA NA
2021 NA NA
2022 INR 224.05* -577.08%*

* At press time

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Terra Price Prediction 2022: LUNA Price Predicted to Reach INR 1278 to INR 1883 by end of 2022 

The gigantic fall from INR 6000 led to the birth of the new LUNA 2.0 which began its trade at around INR 550. However, the price began to slump hard close to INR 150 and quickly rebound slightly above INR 220. Over the past couple of days, the asset has been less volatile which may heavily impact the price ahead. 

However, after a healthy accumulation, the prices are expected to range slightly high after the selling pressure eases a little. Further with a significant leg up the prices may regain INR 1000 initially. The bears may soon jump in action to drag the price below INR 1000. To end the 2022 trade, the prices may regain the levels and close the trade above INR 1300 aiming to reach INR 1500. 

Terra Price Prediction 2023: LUNA Price Predicted to Reach INR 2500 to INR 2725 by end of 2023

The LUNA price may begin the 2023 trade above INR 1300 levels and materialize a significant upswing ahead. The minimum levels to maintain the uptrend could be around INR 1800, which may be secured in the first half of 2023. With an extended rally, the prices may also reach above INR 2000 too. 

Reaching the levels above INR 2000, the asset may face a bearish pullback below these levels for a short time. However, a quick flip could range high and secure the levels above INR 2200 at the earliest and head towards INR 2500 by the end of Q3. Later the asset may continue its roller-coaster ride that includes a couple of jumps and pullbacks and settles around INR 2700 by the end. 

Terra Price Prediction 2024: LUNA Price Predicted to Reach INR 3423 to INR 4200 by end of 2024

The LUNA price in the first quarter of 2024 could secure the levels above INR 3000 and also range high beyond INR 3100. Here, the asset could continue its trend within a narrow consolidation for a while and quickly jump into action to test INR 3500 levels. The bears could mark their presence but eventually, the bulls could nullify their impact. 

The second half of 2024 could be more thriving as with enough influx of volume, the LUNA price may lay down a significant upswing. The prices could head towards their target at INR 4000, slicing through the immediate resistance at INR 3700 to INR 3800. Later maintaining a strong upswing, the 2024 close could be around the INR 4100 levels.

Terra Price Prediction 2025: LUNA Price Predicted to Reach INR 4443 to INR 5200 by end of 2025

The beginning of 2025 trade could raise hopes of the asset smashing INR 5000 in the first quarter. However, a plunge below INR 4000 to test the levels around INR 3800 may halt the upswing for a while. Yet a strong flip and the asset being poised to reach the target may eventually retest the levels and set down the path towards INR 5000

While ranging towards the target, the prices may face a couple of turbulence at INR 4500, and later at INR 4800. However, the prices could slice through all these levels and maintain a strong uptrend to reach INR 5000. Moreover, an extended rally may enable the price to hover beyond INR 5000 to hit INR 5200 too. 

Factors Affecting Terra(LUNA)  Price 

  • The De-peg incident had adversely impacted the LUNA price which led to the birth of LUNA 2.0 which is speculated to recover the losses of the crisis
  • The founder Do-Kwon is now accused of withdrawing a huge amount just before the crash which may shake up the trust of the holders over the token

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