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Gala Price Prediction 2023: Can Bull Raise GALA Price Beyond $0.1?

Gala Price Prediction 2023

Key Takeaways:

Price  $0.05197
24H Price Change  +9.44
7D Price Change +26.3%
MarketCap  $1.83 billion
Circulating Supply 6.97 billion
Trading Volume  $574.90 million 
ATH $0.8367
ATL $0.000151

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Gala Price History

Gala Technical Analysis

Source: Tradingview

Overview of Gala On-chain Analysis:

Gala Daily Active Address

Source: Santiment

The total number of traders or addresses that interacted with the platform to perform a trade is indicated by the “daily active address” (DAA). The trade could be either a buy, sell, or just a swap, all are considered to calculate the active address count for the past 24 hours. A rise in the active address indicates the rising interest of the market participants over the token, and it drops otherwise. 

The DAA, which remained heavily consolidated around 1000, spiked high to reach beyond 2000 during the FTX fiasco. The levels again dropped close to 1300, which further rebounded to reach beyond 3600 as the market sentiments flipped. However, the levels appear to have dropped slightly but may rebound again to witness a much larger spike very soon.

Gala Whale Accumulation

Source: Santiment

Whale addresses are those that hold at least 1% of the circulating supply. They have the ability to directly influence the price by simply making a transfer. As market sentiments are closely related to whale accumulation, if they begin to accumulate heavily, the price trend may exhibit a massive move.

Unfortunately, GALA’s whale reserves are rapidly depleting. Whales are simply liquidating their holdings at a faster rate, which may cause disbelief among market participants who may follow suit and liquidate. Therefore, this is impacting the GALA price to a large extent, which is believed to drop considerably in the coming days.

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Gala Supply on Exchanges

Source: Santiment

The supply on exchanges indicates the number of tokens present in their wallets. This can also be considered a sentiment indicator as the levels drop extensively while the positive sentiment knock-in and increases otherwise. A drop in the levels indicates that the traders are moving their tokens out of exchanges and probably holding them for a long time. 

Besides, a gigantic surge that has been observed now indicates that traders are constantly moving their wallet balances onto the exchanges. This may indicate that the traders are preparing to sell the token or may also perform a swap trade to acquire some other token. 

Gala Price Prediction for 2023

Following the massive drop in the first half of 2022, the GALA price remained largely bearish, forming constant lower highs and lows. Furthermore, the bearish year-end close validated the claim that the token trend would form new bottoms in the first quarter of 2023. Fortunately, the bulls jumped in to prevent further losses and quickly increased the price by 200% in the last two weeks. 

With the bullish start, the GALA price is believed to remain under the bullish influence for a long time ahead. Undoubtedly, the bears may mark their presence at frequent intervals, but the bulls could eventually hold the token above the interim support. Therefore, by the end of 2023, the Gala price may hover around close to $0.15 if it successfully breaches $0.1 before the end of H1 2023. 

Gala Price Prediction for 2024 

After a significant upswing, the bulls may take a breather, allowing the rally to consolidate for a while remaining above the gains. By the end of the first half of 2024, the price is believed to soar to $0.2, but it may encounter rejection just before reaching these levels. The pullback is believed to be slightly effective that may drag the price below $0.15,

After dropping by more than 30%, the bulls may require some time to accumulate strength, due to which the price may remain consolidated for a while. As the trade approaches the end of the year 2024, the bullish momentum may kick in, which may lift the price back above $0.2. Furthermore, extreme bullish momentum may push the price above $0.22 to $0.23 to end the year on a positive note.


The Gala price appears to be bullish in the long term and hence carries the possibility of creating new milestones in the coming years. However, the bear market may also make its way out which usually follows a giant bull run. Hence, the year 2025 is believed to remain under bearish influence and trade below $0.25, while rising slightly to $0.35 in 2026. 

Further, in 2027, the prices could slightly gain bullish momentum and reach close to $0.5 before the bears begin to slash the prices. During the yearly trade in 2028, the GALA price may reclaim $0.5 and maintain a notable upswing thereafter. However, by the end of 2030, the price may reach close to $1, ensuring $0.75 to $0.8 in 2029. 

Year Gala Price Forecast
2023 $0.13 to $0.15
2024 $0.25 to $0.33
2025 $0.42 to $0.5

Should you invest in Gala in 2023? 

Gala is one of the tokens with a very short trading history of only a few years. Furthermore, the token survived the 2022 bear market after a massive bull run in 2021, completing a trading cycle. Hence, it can be considered a strong platform to rely upon. Now that the prices have rebounded from their bearish captivity, the bullish momentum may continue to prevail for quite some time. However, before investing in Gala or any other token, a deep knowledge of the fundamentals and close observation of the price movements are very important. 


What will the Gala be worth in 2023?

Gala price may hover around $0.12 to $0.15 by the end of 2023

What will be the price of 1 Gala in 2030?

Gala price is extremely bullish in the long term and may reach around $0.85 to $0.98 by 2030

Will Gala ever hit $1?

The Gala price may continue to rise steadily without experiencing sharp spikes, requiring more time to reach $1.

Is Gala a safe investment?

Gala displays the potential to grow not only in terms of its value but also fundamentally. As a result, it can be considered for investment.

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