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Crypto Price Prediction of GALA, MANA & GMT: 14 May 2022

Crypto Price Prediction

Crypto Price Today

Crypto Asset Price * % Change (Previous Day) Market Cap** Circulating Supply***
Gala (GALA) INR 7.81 +33.59% INR 49.23 6.98B
Decentraland (MANA) INR 98.28 +98.68% INR 146.1B 1.84B
STEPN(GMT) INR 121.62 +20.11% INR 71.37B 600M 

Price*, Market Cap**, & Circulating Supply*** as of 14-05-2022 & 01 PM

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How High Will GALA Price Reach Today

The GALA price was consolidating along with INR 10 for a pretty long time. However, it broke down from the lower support of the descending triangle and dived deep down. This was fueled by the recent LUNA-UST crash that dragged the price to INR 3.8. Yet after the market coping up with the turmoil, the price quickly surged above INR 7. 

However, the RSI remained largely elevated and on the other hand, MACD is on the verge to let out a significant bullish signal. Therefore, the price may end with the consolidation very soon and begin surging towards the upper resistance at INR 10.25 soon. Even if the bears knock on the door, the price could secure levels beyond INR 9 by the end of the day.

How High Will Decentraland MANA Price Reach Today

Pretty much similar to the GALA price, the MANA price also witnessed a similar price plunge as the asset consolidated along with INR 110 and dropped hard. However, the price quickly rebounded from INR 50 and is currently heading back towards INR 100. The price is expected to range high back towards INR 110 soon. 

As the MANA price ranged high forming a bullish flag and after a breakout, the price is again consolidating forming another bullish flag. Therefore a breakout is expected any time from now which may uplift the price closer to today’s target of around INR 112 to INR 115. On the other hand, the bears appear exhausted paving way for a significant uptrend ahead.

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How High Will STEPN GMT Price Reach Today

STEPN price after a free fall from the levels around $204, reached the rock-bottom levels below $70. Further, the price undertook a quick recovery and surged more than 90% in just 24 hours reckoning the resurgence of a minor bull run. However, currently, the price is consolidating, which surely does not indicate the end of the uptrend.

As the GMT price is swinging within a bullish pennant, the current consolidation may somehow result in a massive breakout. Nevertheless, until the price does not secure the levels beyond INR 200, possibilities of a correction may continue to haunt the rally. Therefore, the price could undergo a slow yet steady rally towards INR 150 initially by the end of the day and further ignite a strong uptrend towards INR 215 surpassing INR 200.

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