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Dogecoin Price Prediction: Investors Bearish On DOGE Price While Community May Uplift the Asset

Doge Price Prediction

Key Takeaways:

Dogecoin (DOGE) PRICE & Technical Analysis 

Current Price $0.062
DOGE Price Prediction for Today $0.0639
Volatility  8.77%
50-Day SMA $.0684
14 Day RSI 43.52
Sentiment Bearish
Fear and Greed Index 23 (Extreme Fear)
Green Days 15/30(50%)
200-Day SMA $0.0965

Dogecoin Technical Analysis for the Month

Dogecoin price is trading above $0.06 presently, but has been heavily bearish for more than a year.  Hence it seems to strike the lower support close to $0.05. Presently, the DOGE price is closer to revisiting the yearly lows and also marking new lows in case of extreme bearish pressure. In the coming days, the DOGE price could maintain its trend within the descending triangle throughout the month. 

As the peak of the consolidation is pretty distinct, the volatility may be reduced as the volume also has dropped heavily. RSI has been stagnant for a while MACD displays some chances of a notable upswing as the selling volume has eased out. Therefore, the asset may revisit the resistance at around $0.07 but may soon face a rejection to plunge back towards $0.05.

Dogecoin Technical Analysis at a Glance

Dogecoin has been making larger moves but tends to drop heavily below its initial levels later. The asset has flipped from the June lows firmly but failed to clear the resistance at $0.09, post to which the bears have dominated the rally. In the upcoming days, the DOGE price may remain within the bearish captivity and may also drop below the lower support marking the growing dominance of bears.

Short-Term The DOGE price somehow managed to rise slightly but soon may shed all its gains 
Mid-Term Mid-term forecast is slightly bullish as ease in selling volume has been witnessed
Long-Term The asset has bottomed hard and may rise high above consolidation any time from now

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Will DOGE Price Reach $0.08 Today?

The Dogecoin price attempted very hard to mark a bullish close for the day but the price dropped significantly which intensified in the early trading hours. With a very less buying volume, the asset has held the lower support at $0.061 for the past couple of hours. This indicates the bears waiting for the DOGE price to slightly rise so they could extract the profits. 

By the end of the day, the price may sustain above $0.061 levels and try hard to surge above $0.063. However, surging above $0.065 may slightly validate minor bullish trends that may assist the price to trade close to $0.07. 

Will DOGE Price Reach $1.2 by the End of the Month?

As mentioned before, the DOGE price is trading within a bearish descending triangle, breaking which, the asset is expected to slide down ahead of the lower support. The current support is the last point of defense above $0.05 and hence a breakdown below these levels may add up to another zero in its value. 

However, it appears pretty unlikely as the DOGE price during the second half of September may cliche through the lower support & hit $0.0411 to ignite a rebound. With the rebound, the price may mark an upswing towards the crucial resistance at $0.07. Therefore, the Dogecoin price prediction for September is between $0.075 to $0.081.

Dogecoin Price Prediction: Price Trend Comparison with Shiba INU(SHIB) 

Source: Tradingview

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Dogecoin Price Prediction: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Dogecoin price appears to be extremely bearish until the end of 2022 yearly trade. While the bulls are expected to jump-in but the bears could continue to maintain their dominance until the market sentiments coil up. Regardless of the probable bearish close this year, the DOGE price could regain the bullish momentum and surge remarkably in the coming years.

Year DOGE Price Forecast
2022 $0.065 to $0.078
2023 $0.151 to $0.17
2024 $0.30 to $0.35
2025 $0.48 to $0.61

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