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Cardano Price Prediction: ADA Eyes at 15% Upswing, But When in 2022?

Cardano Price Prediction

Key Takeaways

  • The Cardano ADA price closed the previous day’s trade at $1.083 with a market capitalization of $36.02 billion and a circulating supply of 33.16 billion ADA 
  • For nearly a month the ADA price is displaying almost a stagnant trend with less volatility. Therefore as the healthy accumulations end, a 20% upswing towards the strong resistance appears to be pre-programmed

Cardano Price Prediction 2022: ADA Price Table (Last 30 Days) 

Date All-Time High All-Time Low Market Capitalization
16 February 2022 $1.113 $1.067 $36.09B
15 February 2022 $1.115 $1.049 $36.66B
14 February 2022 $1.045 $1.019 $35.47B
13 February 2022 $1.083 $1.033 $35.36B
12 February 2022 $1.104 $1.044 $36.14B
11 February 2022 $1.165 $1.076 $38.53B
10 February 2022 $1.223 $1.150 $39.81B
09 February 2022 $1.216 $1.150 $40.35B
08 February 2022 $1.263 $1.143 $38.35B
07 February 2022 $1.209 $1.127 $40.42B
06 February 2022 $1.151 $1.101 $37.65B
05 February 2022 $1.178 $1.097 $38.64B
04 February 2022 $1.141 $1.047 $37.03B
03 February 2022 $1.062 $1.016 $35.25B
02 February 2022 $1.103 $1.024 $35.15B
01 February 2022 $1.097 $1.034 $35.88B
31 January 2022 $1.060 $1.010 $35.26B
30 January 2022 $1.078 $1.026 $35.30B
29 January 2022 $1.084 $1.039 $35.64B
28 January 2022 $1.060 $1.009 $34.76B
27 January 2022 $1.081 $1.004 $35.21B
26 January 2022 $1.151 $1.024 $37.41B
25 January 2022 $1.075 $0.993 $34.57B
24 January 2022 $1.126 $0.995 $34.79B
23 January 2022 $1.171 $1.051 $35.92B
22 January 2022 $1.155 $0.921 $34.94B
21 January 2022 $1.282 $1.101 $40.26B
20 January 2022 $1.428 $1.251 $46.36B
19 January 2022 $1.534 $1.327 $46.92B
18 January 2022 $1.639 $1.411 $47.98B
17 January 2022 $1.606 $1.387 $51.41B
16 January 2022 $1.424 $1.288 $47.12B
15 January 2022 $1.318 $1.252 $42.97B

Cardano Price Prediction 2022: ADA Price Trend Comparison with Polkadot (Last 30 Days)

Proof-of-Stake is one such consensus network that is designed to be fast and more secure than Proof-of-Work. Besides Ethereum, Cardano and Polkadot are considered as the tough competitors with the space. Cardano and Polkadot are maintaining almost similar trends since the beginning of the year 2022. However, Cardano ADA price is enjoying a little upper hand, but both are trending pretty bearish compared to the average values.

Source: Trading View

The ADA price and DOT price have both been consolidating within healthy regions since the beginning of December 2021. Both were trending around similar levels until both assets deviated a little during the mid of January. The Cardano ADA price received a notable push that raised the value from -30% to -14% from the average values. Whereas the DOT price plunged more from -31.70% to -40.6% during the same time. 

Further, both the assets maintained a descending trend, yet the recent uptrend helped the Cardano ADA price to remain a little above the DOT price trend. Currently, while both the assets are displaying a similar trend, any significant push may escort the ADA price to higher levels than DOT and hence maintain a safe distance from each other. 

Correlation of ADA/USDT and ADA/BTC (Last 30 Days)

Source: Trading View

Both the trading pairs, ADA/USDT and ADA/BTC are displaying a similar trend of-let, but the ADA/BTC rally strength is a little stronger than that of ADA/USDT. Despite both having declining trends, the BTC pair is showing a consistent decline, eliminating huge variations. Currently, both the pairs are attempting hard to flip from the bearish trend but the lowered volume has hindered the progress. However, whenever a flip occurs, the BTC pairs may be much stronger than the USDT pair and rebound very quickly. 

Cardano Price Prediction 2022: ADA Search Trends (Last 30 Days)

Search trends are nothing but a chart with values focusing on the frequency of a particular keyword searched on Google. The more the keyword is searched, the higher the value and vice versa. Google has capped the upper limit of 100 and provides comparative results concerning the upper cap. The search volume above 75 is considered as a good volume with high searches whereas the volume below 30 is termed as a keyword with low searches.

Source: Intotheblock

Cardano price began the yearly trade on a bearish note and maintained a significant downtrend for the first few days. However, the social sentiments quickly spiked up after 10 January and therefore led to the surge of both price and search volume. However, the price lost its grip over the uptrend and initiated a descending trend further. This squeezed the user’s interest which badly impacted the search volume. 

Cardano Price Prediction 2022: Will ADA Price Hit $5 in 2022?

The Q3, 2021 was the most thriving quarter for Cardano(ADA) price, but woefully, more than 60% of its value was slashed to end the yearly trade. Further, the asset could not attract any significant changes since the beginning of 2022. No doubt the Cardano ADA price did attempt to flip now and then but ultimately failed to do so. But it maintained a healthy consolidation above the strong support area at $1.01 that kept the hopes of an uptrend alive. 

However, considering the current trend, any possibilities of a drastic change or a huge flip may not be expected throughout Q1 2022. The markets may attempt to stabilize while most of the assets may continue chopping around certain levels. Only if the Bitcoin price ranges and sustains above $48,000 or $50,000 and later calms down for a while can one begin a decent uptrend for the altcoins.

And in such a case, Cardano ADA price may slice through the important resistance at $1.3 and try to hit $1.5 levels at the earliest. Once the asset sustains at $1.5, a significant uptrend may escort the price towards $2 by mid-2022. Further, it may attempt to surpass its ATH to hit levels above $4 to end the yearly trade. On the contrary, if the bears become proactive, the ADA price may be restricted below $2.2 to $2.7 by the end of 2022. 

How High Will ADA Crypto Price Go in 2022?

Cardano ever since the launch of the Alonzo Hard Fork is experiencing a weak rally with a lowered pace. And also if it ignites with an uptrend, it remains limited for some time and restricted under the pivotal levels. And hence considering this fact, ADA crypto may utilize all its resources to break through the descending consolidation at the earliest. Once done, the path towards $2 and later $3 may be pretty clear. 

However, the thriving DeFi and the NFT space on Cardano may also fuel the price rally. And hence one can expect a notable uptrend once the market sentiments turn bullish. With an extended uptrend or bull run, the Cardano crypto price may hit as high as $5 by EOY. Or else with a significant uptrend, the asset may form a new ATH but may trade below $4 to end the yearly trade. 

Cardano Price Prediction 2022: Latest ADA coin News in February 2022

Latest Version of Daedalus was Released on Cardano Mainnet

Daedalus is a full-node, hierarchical deterministic(HD) wallet for ADA cryptocurrency. The latest version of the desktop wallet supports the Cardano node v1.33.0, aiming to improve the performance within the ecosystem. The wallet is available for download only for Linux, Mac & Windows and not for any Android or IOS mobile. 

Source: Input Output

Cardano Foundation Temporarily Doubles the Bug-Bounty Program Rewards 

Cardano Foundation which works for the development of the Cardano ecosystem had launched a Bug Bounty program for ethical hackers earlier. Yet to boost up the network’s security, the bounty rewards have been doubled to $20,000 for critical vulnerabilities impacting the ADA nodes. The doubled rewards will be valid until March 25, 2022, where-in the hackers are required to submit a detailed report with reproducible steps to win the reward. 

Source : Cardano Foundation 

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