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Cardano vs Dogecoin: Which Crypto Will Reach $1 in 2023?

Key Takeaways:


Month ADA Price % Change DOGE Price % Change
Jan $1.02 -26.68% $0.137 -23.40%
Feb $0.88 -5.12% $0.122 -1.53%
March $1.19 +25.56% $0.144 +11.04%
April $0.808 -39.03% $0.135 -16.19%
May $0.643 -15.64% $0.086 -33.48%
June $0.451 -30.65% $0.068 -24.84%
July $0.527 +275.51% $0.0704 +20.38%
August $0.453 -19.11% $0.062 -14.01%
Sept $0.438 -4.47% $0.0601 -2.81%
October $0.401 -4.21% $0.119 +112.85%
November $0.313 -22.30% $0.104 -25.71%
December $0.246 -17.65* $0.0712 -14.27%

Cardano vs Dogecoin Technical Analysis 

Source: Tradingview

How High will Cardano ADA Price go in 2023?

While the crypto space was preparing for massive price action, Cardano’s price rose high to mark a new ATH but later remained heavily consolidated. The price failed to gain bullish momentum which could have assisted the token to regain some value. Now that the price has attained the lowest possible levels, the price is attempting to hold above the support zone, which is imperative now. 

In the coming weeks, the ADA price may remain within the same consolidation as the trade failed to gain volatility even though the year close is on the cards. Hence indicating the possibility of marking new lows in the coming weeks, post to which a significant rebound may uplift the price. With a rebound, the ADA price may initially regain $0.5 and attempt to hit $1. By the end of 2023, the price is expected to attain levels closer to $1.5. 

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How High will Dogecoin Price go in 2023?

Dogecoin price has been trading under the extreme bearish influence and failed to gain bullish momentum while the markets found new highs during Q3-Q4 2021. The price since then has been finding new lows at each bearish pullback but able to hold above the crucial support levels. After being more or less stagnant for nearly a quarter, the DOGE price is displaying some volatility but the price may still find new lows soon. 

The price in the coming days is believed to maintain a descending trend for the next few weeks until the bear market does not mark its bottoms. Here the price is believed to flip and maintain a considerable recovery phase. The price may maintain an ascending consolidation and may regain $0.1 levels initially and later hunt for the next upper target. By the end of the year 2023, the price is believed to hover close to $0.2 or slightly above.

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Token Cardano (ADA) Dogecoin(DOGE)
Launch Date 2017 December 06, 2013
Founder Charles Hoskinson Billy Marcus & Jackson Palmer
Blockchain Protocol Cardano Blockchain Dogecoin Blockhain
Native Token   ADA DOGE
Market Cap $8.43 billion $9.36 billion
Token Type Native & Governance Token Native
Circulating Supply 34.51 billion 132.67 billion
Max Supply 45 billion NA
Consensus Method Proof-of-Stake Proof-of-Work

SHOULD YOU BUY Cardano OR Dogecoin in 2023?

Cardano & Dogecoin have been maintaining a stagnant trend throughout the year 2022 and are believed to enhance their volatility very soon. After a bearish close and marking new bottoms in 2023, both tokens could rise finely very soon. However, before buying DOGE or ADA, having a deep industry knowledge and a keen observation is imperative.


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