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BitTorrent Price Prediction: Will BTTC Price Slash a ZERO in November 2022?

BTTC Price Prediction

Key Takeaways: 

BitTorrent (BTTC) PRICE & Technical ANALYSIS 

Current Price $0.0000007156
BTTC Price Prediction for Today $0.0000006852
Volatility  4.12%
50-Day SMA $0.000000785
14 Day RSI 43.39
Sentiment Bearish 
Fear and Greed Index 25 (Extreme Fear)
Green Days 16/30(53%)
200-Day SMA $0.0000009602

BitTorrent Technical Analysis for the Month

Source: Tradingview

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BitTorrent Technical Analysis at a Glance

BitTorrent token was redonimated to new BTT tokens where-in an old BTT token was split into 1000 BTTC, during the first few days of 2022. Meanwhile, the token underwent this process to build a better blockchain but the price remained unaffected and continued to slump hard. Currently, the price is trading close to its last point of defence, beyond which the token may witness a drastic plunge and discover new lows. 

Short-Term(4hr) The price may experience a minor short-term bounce, but may certainly remain consolidated below $0.00000074
Mid-Term(1D) The selling volume has just begun to intensify and hence the price may witness a pullback below $0.0000007 in the coming days
Long-Term(1W) The buying pressure is easing and hence may pave way for the bears to enhance there presence

Will BTTC Price Reach $0.0000008 Today?

After rebounding firmly from its lows around $0.00000065, the price raised a bit. But soon faced rejection from the resistance zone between $0.00000076 & $0.00000074 and dropped to reach $0.00000070. Presently, the price is attempting very hard to lay down a firm upswing and reduce the bearish influence, but the fractals point towards a revival of the bearish trend soon. 

The price may find it difficult to reclaim its levels within the resistance zone as the bear maintain their dominance. Currently, the volatility has dropped slightly and the RSI has displayed a bullish divergence in the hourly chart. Therefore, a minor bounce may be expected until the day’s close but may remain restricted below the $0.00000076 mark.

Will BTTC Price Reach $0.000001 by the End of the Month?

The BTTC price has been trading near the June lows for several months, as bulls have remained cautious due to uncertain market conditions. Furthermore, the bears recall inactivity, which forced the price to remain within consolidated regions. However, the recent bearish action has dragged the price lower, below the critical support zone, raising the possibility of a bull trap. 

In the coming days, the BTTC price may continue to trade within accumulation as the buying volume fails to mount. However, Bitcoin price is trying to recover and the MACD displays an ease in selling pressure in the daily chart. Hence some upswing may be expected but the BTTC price may certainly not engulf a zero in its value this month. 

BitTorrent Price Prediction: Price Trend Comparison with Tron(TRX)

Source: Tradingview

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BitTorrent Price Prediction: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

The year 2022 has been pretty bearish for the entire crypto space ever since the market collapsed in May. Meanwhile, the attempts to recover also have faded a huge lag in the trading volume has been witnessed. As a result, until market conditions improve, the BitTorrent crypto price may remain under the bearish influence and quickly rebound, providing an opportunity. 

Year BTTC Price Forecast
2022 $0.00000085 to $0.00000105
2023 $0.0000011 to $0.0000019
2024 $0.0000025 to $0.0000033
2025 $0.0000051 to $0.0000078

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