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Bitcoin(BTC)/USDT Price Prediction: Is $100K Projection Still Within Reach in 2022?

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022

Key Takeaways

  • The Bitcoin price closed the previous day trade at $39,219.17 with a market capitalization of $733.13 billion and a circulating supply of 18,968,462 BTC
  • With a reversal of trend within the crypto space, BTC price seems to have ignited with a decent uptrend and is on the verge to regain the lost positions above $42,000 initially 

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Will BTC Price Hit $100K in 2022?

Bitcoin has a huge history with multiple ups and downs, but the previous year’s bull run witnessed the strength of Bitcoin. The star crypto ignited with a bull-run in the Q4 of 2022 that set up the foundation for the 2021 bull run. And the asset quickly surged high from the very first week of 2021 and smashed the highs around $69,000. However, the correction phase slashed nearly 50% of the value, yet the asset is determined to reach the highs flipped strongly. 

The current price trend is speculated as to the end of the 2021 bull run which stands at the exhaustion phase. Despite Multiple attempts of kick-starting the bull run, the BTC price was restricted below $45,000. Moreover, the asset is displaying extreme volatility and hence until it calms down a little further predictions become uncertain. 

However, considering the asset to stabilize in Q2 2022, the BTC price may thrive to achieve the $50,000 prime target initially. Further nullifying the bears, the asset may keep up the bullish momentum and range ahead to test the levels around the ATH. Surpassing ATH is pretty important for Bitcoin to ascertain the bull run that may assist the price to hover around $70K to $75K. Yet the $100K predictions for the BTC price currently appears pretty tough but achievable in the future. 

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: How High Will BTC Crypto Price Go in 2022?

Bitcoin price began the 2022 yearly trade with a healthy consolidation which was followed by a steep drop. However, whenever it was assumed that the asset may rebound with huge intensity, it broke down to the lowest levels. However, the recovery was also instant, but by doing so, the strength of the rally was hampered to a large extent. And hence the accumulated gains were utilized in preventing further loss, then gaining higher positions.

If the price swings in a similar way, then it may scuffle hard to achieve $50,000 and quickly enter the correction phase to shed most of its gains. However, the second half of 2022 is expected to be more thriving and hence as each time, Bitcoin may initiate a minor bull run. With the growing momentum and strength, the BTC price may test the ATH and quickly experience a pullback. Yet the buying volume may be mounted and hence bear may not get any scope to drag the price below. Therefore, the levels around $72,000 to $75,000 appear to be pretty achievable for the BTC price by the end of 2022. 

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Price Table (Last 30 Days) 

Date All-Time High All-Time Low Market Capitalization
25 February 2022 $39,683.53 $38,014.57 $733.13B
24 February 2022 $39,843 $34,322.28 $692.76B
23 February 2022 $39,249.93 $37036.79 $717.46B
22 February 2022 $38,429 $36,350 $716.12B
21 February 2022 $39,494.39 $36,800 $717.57B
20 February 2022 $40,125.44 $38,000 $728.94B
19 February 2022 $40,444.35  $39,639.03 $760.72B
18 February 2022 $40,959.88 $39,450 $761.38B
17 February 2022 $44,164.71 $40,073.71 $782.84B
16 February 2022 $44,549.97 $43,307 $831.28B
15 February 2022 $44,751.40 $42,427.03 $836.57B
14 February 2022 $42,842.4 $41,550.56 $802.14B
13 February 2022 $42,760 $41870 $726.28B
12 February 2022 $43,079.49 $41,688.88 $812.50B
11 February 2022 $43,920 $41,938.51 $820.23B
10 February 2022 $45,821 $43,174 $833.52B
09 February 2022 $44,799 $43,117.92 $836.18B
08 February 2022 $45,492 $42,666 $814.88B
07 February 2022 $44,500.5 $41,645.85 $833.80B
06 February 2022 $42,656 $41,1116.56 $786.47B
05 February 2022 $41,913.69 $40,843.01 $789.04B
04 February 2022 $41,772.93 $37,076.73 $766.07B
03 February 2022 $37,387 $36,250 $700.63B
02 February 2022 $38,855.92 $36,586.56 $725.22B
01 February 2022 $39,265.2 $38,000 $731.14B
31 January 2022 $38,744 $36,632.61 $729.28B
30 January 2022 $38,359.26 $37,351.63 $719.62B
29 January 2022 $38,720.74 $37,268.84 $717.1B
28 January 2022 $38,000 $36,155 $701.74B
27 January 2022 $37,234.47 $35,507 $684.51B
26 January 2022 $38,919.98 $36,234.63 $718.75B
25 January 2022 $37,544.14 $35,701 $707.02B

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Price Trend Comparison with ETH  (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the top 2 cryptos according to market capitalization. Ethereum was designed to overcome the limitations of Bitcoin. And hence it is always speculated that the ETH price trend always follows the BTC price most of the time. Yet sometimes, it tends to decouple from Bitcoin, showcasing a massive independent rally. 

ETH price began the 2022 trade on a huge bullish note, trading above the average levels and the BTC price trend. However quickly, the year’s first sell-off dragged the price down much below that of BTC. And ever since then, the ETH price has maintained a lower trend than Bitcoin. Currently, the Bitcoin price is 17.59% less than the average value while the Ethereum price is 25.67% down. 

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022: Search Trends (Last 30 Days)

Note: Google Trends is a representation of users’ search behavior. It is a chart showing the user’s search volume which is capped to an upper limit of 100. The chat shared below is a comparison of the most searched keywords in a stipulated time frame.

Source: intotheblock

Bitcoin is the most searched and traded crypto asset in the entire crypto space. Unlike many other tokens, BTC price does not completely follow the search pattern, but it does indicate the social dominance of the asset. Traders do start their trade mostly with Bitcoin and hence a slight drop in the search trends does not impact the asset on a larger basis. 

A similar thing is witnessed with Bitcoin currently as the price remains elevated despite the depleted searching volume. Since the beginning of the year 2022, the BTC price has maintained an average search volume of around 50 but the price continued to be highly volatile. Interestingly, while the search volume was below 40, the price had hit monthly highs above $42,000. Hence showcasing a decoupled trend from the search volume. 

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022: Latest BTC coin News in February 2022

$5 million Bitcoin was Donated to Ukraine

Amid the current war-like conditions between Russia and Ukraine, Bitcoin whales have donated BTC towards the Ukrainian military according to some reports. 

Source: Twitter

Russia Billionaires Thinking of Entering Crypto

The Russian billionaires to overcome the sanctions imposed by other countries may enter the crypto space.

Source: Twitter

Oldest Custody Bank of America launching Bitcoin Custody

One of the largest and the oldest custody banks of America, BNY Mellon is launching Bitcoin custody where 77% of family offices are interested in Bitcoin

Source: Twitter

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