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Apecoin Price Prediction: Could Apecoin hit $10 in 2023?

Apecoin Pice Prediction

Key Takeaways:

Price  $4.85
24H Price Change  -0.17%
7D Price Change +21.4%
MarketCap  $1.75 billion
Circulating Supply 361.25 million
Trading Volume  $347.61 million
ATH $39.4
ATL $1

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Apecoin Price History

Apecoin Technical Analysis

Source: Tradingview

Overview of Apecoin On-chain Analysis:

Apecoin Daily Active Addresses

Source: Santiment

The Daily active addresses represent the number of addresses that interact with the platform regardless of whether the market participants are buying, selling, or performing a swap trade. A rise in the metric indicates the positive momentum prevailing within the crypto space as more traders jump into the platform. However, the levels have slightly plunged due to which the price could experience a slight pullback in the coming days.

Supply on Exchanges

Source: Santiment

The supply on exchanges indicates the percentage of the tokens held by them in their wallets. It also indicates the presence of liquidity required to carry out trade within the platform. However, if the supply on exchanges increases, it means the traders have transferred their tokens to the exchanges intending to sell them or transfer them to other platforms. Besides a drop, that in the case of Apecoin signifies that the traders are constantly moving out of the exchanges.

Apecoin MVRV Ratio (30 days)

Source: Santiment

The MVRV ratio is nothing but a comparison between the mean value and the realized value and also signifies whether the token is undervalued or overvalued. Presently, the MVRV ratio has risen notably high which indicates that the value of the token has risen significantly and hence is ranging above the average ranges, within the positive levels. However, this always carries the possibility of rejection as the token does not remain within the overvalued region for a long time.

Apecoin Price Prediction for 2023

Apecoin price began its trade by marking highs close to $30 in 2022 and quickly fell into a deep bearish trend which slashed the price close to $1. However, the price appears to have rebounded but the confirmation of the upswing could be when the price reclaims $10 which is expected during the second half of 2023.

However, to do so, the token was believed to slice through a couple of barriers that has hindered the rally to a larger extent. Once the price breaks above $8, the bulls are believed to regain their dominance and hence by the end of 2023, a fine upswing above $10 to mark the highs around $12 is quiet possible. 

Apecoin Price Prediction for 2024

With a bullish close in 2024, the APE coin is believed to continue with a notable upswing but, may eventually fail to lay down a bull run. However, the token is believed to be preparing for a notable bull run which is believed to begin during the second half of 2024. Similar to the previous rallies, the crypto markets could tighten their grip over the bull market in the last few months of the year. 

During the H2 2024, the APE price may begin rising high but with a lowered pace initially to reach levels close to $20. Further maintaining a similar momentum, the price may reclaim the levels beyond $25 but could be restricted below its ATH to around $28. Therefore, by the end of 2024, the APE price may trade around $22 to $24 after experiencing a notable rejection before the levels close to its ATH.

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Apecoin PRICE PREDICTION 2025-2030

The Apecoin price may soon test the levels at its ATH in the first few days of 2025 and quickly form a new one and hover around $38 to $45 by the end. Later in 2026, the price may remain consolidated to avoid extreme bearish action as the price could be approaching the milestone at $50 and after sustaining bearish action may range between $55 to $58 by the end.

 Further, the price may accumulate strength by diminishing its volatility in 2027 and the first few months of 2028 due to which the price may trade within very narrow regions. As the trades step in the 2029 trade, the prices may begin to rise, discarding the possibilities of a bearish interference. Hence, by the end of 2030, the APE price may remain around $75 to $80 and may even try to reach a 3-digit figure too.

Year Apecoin Price Forecast
2023 $9.8 to $12.4
2024 $24 to $38
2025 $45.3 to $52.5

Should you invest in Apecoin in 2023? 

Apecoin has a very small history of trade and the past year began its first bear market. Multiple platforms emerged and numerous tokens were released. However, Apecoin continues to rise high even after undergoing significant bearish pressure. Hence may be considered for investment. But before that, a deep knowledge of the market sentiments and a close look of the price movements is imperative


What will Apecoin be worth in 2023?

The Apecoin price may rise beyond a 2-digit number in 2023 and attain levels around $12 in 2023

What will be the price of 1 Apecoin in 2030?

The price of 1 APE is believed to be above $85 and an extended bullish action may even uplift the price to a 3-digit figure too

Will Apecoin ever hit $100?

Apecoin has failed drastically to manifest a rebound which could be a result of the bearish market sentiments. Once the sentiments flip, the price may lay down a significant upswing to reach the desired targets

Is Apecoin a safe investment?

Apecoin is still a primitive token that circulated as a fire in no time. The rise in social dominance does indicate the growing sentiments for the token. Hence may be considered a safe investment

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