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Top 5 Projects on Tron Blockchain I A Complete Guide

The rapid growth in the crypto space is the queue for all crypto projects to have many new investors or explorers. To start with a few, Tron has really been outperforming itself, baffling its creators! Let’s take a quick scan of all the buzzworthy Tron projects one can explore, as deemed by crypto experts.

Tron is yet another decentralized blockchain platform aiming to take away Ethereum’s position. With its own cryptocurrency, Tronix or TRX, Tron, at the time of writing, stands at the #30 position according to CoinMarketCap. 

TRON has positioned itself as an environment where content creators can connect with their audiences directly. By eliminating centralized platforms — whether they are streaming services, app stores, or music sites — it is hoped that creators won’t end up losing as much commission to middlemen. In turn, this could also make content less expensive for consumers. Given how the entertainment sector is increasingly becoming digitized, TRON could have a headstart in applying blockchain technology to this industry.

Let us uncover the Top 5 Tron projects that you can look out for this year. 

Top 5 Tron projects 2021

Project  Category  Users /24 hr Volume 
JustSwap  Exchange 5.78k $10.17 Million
Kraftly  Collectibles (NFT) 811 $12.17 k
Luminous Gambling 427 $106.56 k
Wink  Gambling  358 $173.11 k
Unifi Protocol DeFi  30 $181.75 k

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JustSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that operates exclusively on the Tron blockchain. It is widely considered as one of the biggest platforms on the Tron network. It was launched back in 2020, a golden year for DeFi projects. JustSwap has over 15k members on its Telegram group and over 50k followers on Twitter, which makes them a pretty big social network platform. 

On JustSwap users can easily swap the various Tron tokens such as TRX, USDC, SUN, WBTT, and other tokes as well such as BTC, ETH, USDT. One must have a TronLink wallet to use JustSwap. 

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Kraftly is a decentralized NFT marketplace that currently operates on the BSC and Tron network blockchains. Like many other NFT marketplaces, Kraftly offers its users to create, buy as well as sell NFTs, rare digital items, and collectibles on a single platform. NFT creators and buyers can directly trade with each other.

Tron (TRX) is the cryptocurrency used on Kraftly. The price of NFTs can either be fixed in TRX or there are bids. If the latter is the case, the latest bid and when does the auction ends information is visible below the item. Just like JustSwap, Kraftky also requires the users to have the TronLink wallet for transactions. 


Luminous is another transparent crypto gaming ecosystem that operates on the Tron blockchain network. It is an online game service that enables you to play games with cryptocurrency and of course, earn some. Games that can be currently played on Luminous are called Megabit and Lucky Dice. It says on the website though that new games are coming soon. 

Luminous offers a well-known marketing strategy where you can earn up to 3.6% profit for successful referrals by sharing your unique referral code. Code is easily shareable via Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram.

Megabit is a game where you can predict the price of Bitcoin and if you are close, you will be able to earn “hundreds of USD each day” as per the Luminous website. On the other hand, Lucky Dice offers users to roll their dice, and win bonus crypto rewards. It is essentially a gambling platform. 

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Wink is a casino-based blockchain platform that operates on the Tron network. It is widely considered one of the most well-supported casino-based blockchain platforms in the world. The platform is extremely user-friendly and various casino games can be easily enjoyed on it. 

Some of the gambling games that users can enjoy on Wink are “rolling the dice” games, live casino rooms, and recently launched sports betting products. The platform currently supports two languages, Arabic and English. The main advantage of this game is its easy-to-understand feature. The users need not be blockchain experts to play games on the wink. Users are eligible to win different cryptocurrencies such as TRX and BTT while playing on the wink. 

Wink has definitely cemented itself as one of the best casino-based blockchain platforms.

Unifi Protocol 

Unifi protocol is a digital platform based on the smart-contract system that creates as well as connects various DeFi marketplaces. The primary focus of this blockchain-based system is its simple enabling process and cost-effective cross-chain trading. 

Unifi adds more value to each blockchain by providing smart contracts which actually allows service providers to use Unifi Protocol to create unique products and services, DeFi based.

Another goal of Unifi is to connect the powerful digital economy of Ethereum-based products with growing marketplaces on other blockchains, such as Tron. Unifi is constantly expanding to more blockchain which increases the variety of products and services that can be built on the Protocol.

Summing it Up! 

Tron has been exceeding the expectations of its own development team. With every new development in the crypto market more and more projects have started to use the Tron blockchain system which has indeed led to its rapid growth. 

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