Top 5 influencers bullish on Ethereum

Ethereum Technical Analysis


-Ethereum: Second-largest cryptocurrency 

-Top 5 influencers bullish on Ethereum 

The cryptocurrency world might seem difficult to anyone who is new to the crypto space. The crypto world might also seem more confusing to those who lack expert technical knowledge about blockchain technology and smart contracts. The possibilities and potential that this industry has, has seen the participation of many new investors. 

However, there are people who are promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency on a larger scale.  There are many influencers who share Ethereum and other cryptocurrency news, updates, and laws on their social media handles to help the common investors take decisions wisely. These are the influencers who themselves have their investments in Ethereum and are bullish about the Ethereum technology. 

Let us understand the advantages and perks Ethereum has to offer before we discover some of the known faces bullish on Ethereum. 

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Ethereum: The second-largest cryptocurrency by Market capitalization 

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine and a programmer in 2013 described the idea of Ethereum blockchain in a white paper for the first time. The argument that Vitalik proposed is that blockchain technology has much more use-cases than finance. He mentioned the requirement of a scripting language for the development of various applications which could attach real-world entities such as stocks and properties to the blockchain. 

Ethereum blockchain was then launched in 2014 with smart contracts where decentralized applications (dApps)  could be built expanding the use-cases of blockchain from P2P (peer-to-peer) money transfer to a much-advanced technology that possessed the potential to become the backbone for any platforms to come.

However, numerous issues were later figured out and thus, there was a need for up-gradation. 

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Top 5 influencers Bullish on Ethereum 


Vitalik Buterin
Ivan on Tech
Erik Voorhees
Charlie Lee
Andreas M. Antonopoulos


Vitalik Buterin

Who better an Ethereum influencer than the co-founder of the blockchain system himself. Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum is one of the youngest billionaires in the crypto market. Highly regarded for his work in Ethereum, Buterin engaged with the crypto and Bitcoin community as a developer and writer. He also holds the position of the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. 

With the current fan following of 1.9 million followers on his Twitter account, he actively participates in the sharing of information around Ethereum, Bitcoin, and crypto in general. He also shares his reviews on other valuable crypto resources that can help budding crypto investors and developers get better at what they do. 

Ivan on Tech

Ivan Liljeqvist, also known as Ivan on Tech, is a Sweden-based content creator who specializes in blockchain technology. He’s active on several online platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. On Twitter, he has 268,000 followers, with whom he shares often humorous takes on crypto and updates on Bitcoin and Ethereum. He also has a YouTube channel where he regularly uploads videos pertaining to crypto-related topics. 

He is an Ethereum lover and has been bullish on Ethereum for quite some time now. He has been using his large fan following to educate and promote cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, particularly. 

Erik Voorhees

If you have heard about SpaceShift it is highly likely you wouldn’t have missed the name, Erik Voorhees. He is the CEO and the founder of this leading crypto exchange.  He is also the co-founder of another company called Coinapult which is a Bitcoin wallet.  He has regularly used his voice and position to promote and educate about cryptocurrencies and the crypto industry. He has been sharing his insights actively among his 480,000 followers on Twitter. He has been bullish on Ethereum for a long time. He also has a Medium page where he regularly publishes articles on ShapeShift, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

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Charlie Lee

Heard about  Litecoin? Heard about Satoshilite? Going by the username of satoshiLite on his Twitter account Charlie Lee is a huge advocate of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry. He was the former member of Coinbase Director of Engineering and the founder of Litecoin. His Twitter account feed is more on Litecoin and the latest technologies around it. However, he is also one of those influencers who are bullish on Ethereum. He also shares amusing content on his feed that makes crypto news accessible and fun for the readers. 

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos, a Greek-British tech entrepreneur is a famous Bitcoin advocate. He has also written books that are helpful in understanding Bitcoin and the blockchain industry. With an active fan base of 600,000 followers on Twitter, he constantly educates his followers on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and Blockchain. 

He also posts videos on his youtube channel related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. These videos give an in-depth look at the industry, making them a great jump-off point for beginners who want to have a better understanding of blockchain and crypto and how they work. On the channel, he also shares interviews, Q-and-As, and live streams.

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Summing it Up! 

No one wants to be left out in this crypto wave. Every top influencer is riding the crypto wave and is quite positive about the revolution it is bringing to the financial sector. Many influencers use their social media handles to educate and promote cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin and Ethereum. The raised awareness around cryptocurrencies and the participation made by such influencers have made crypto adoption easier and more expansive than ever. 

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