Top 20 Institutional investments in the Crypto Industry



-Top 5 institutions Bullish on Bitcoin

-Top 5 institutions Bullish on Ethereum

-Top 5 investors Bullish on Bitcoin 

-Top 5 investors Bullish on Ethereum


In the early years, many institutions did away with the idea of Bitcoin becoming an investment asset. They even went to the extent of calling it a worthless and showy digital asset only favored by criminals. However, the scenario today is completely different. The tectonic plates have gradually shifted and the sentiment has turned bullish towards the crypto assets despite their volatility in the market. Bitcoin, which appeared to be on an ideological collision course with institutions in its first decade of existence, recently bears the hallmark of institutional acceptance.

Numerous factors have been responsible for the unexpected performance of Bitcoin and the crypto industry on the planet. ‘Smart money’ is allocated to bitcoin as a portfolio diversification strategy. These days family offices, hedge funds, and traditional money managers have a very different perspective on cryptocurrency products and services, with an eye-watering $17 billion worth of institutional capital flooding into the space this year alone.

There have been numerous institutional investors allocating a percentage of their portfolio to digital assets. Periodic surveys have revealed the same. A recent study revealed that seven out of ten institutional investors are expected to invest their money in crypto assets soon. many investors even revealed that they have already opted for cryptocurrencies and thus, we can expect a lot of institutional money flowing into the cryptocurrencies. 

Top 5 institutions Bullish on Bitcoin

Bitcoin, abbreviated as BTC, is one of the digital money, or as we call it the first cryptocurrency that works without the involvement of any governmental organization or bank.

Bitcoin provides its users with an efficient means of transferring money across the internet. It is a completely decentralized network that has a transparent set of rules, therefore presenting a permissionless alternative to centralized systems. 

The top 5 institutions bullish on Bitcoin are:

Sqaure Inc. 
Voyager Digital Ltd. 
Galaxy Digital Holdings


Also, read the detailed overview on the top 5 institutions bullish on Bitcoin and why are they doing the same. 

Top 5 institutions Bullish on Ethereum 

Ethereum is a blockchain network that has its focus primarily on running the programming code of any decentralized application. In simple words, it’s a platform via which information can be shared across the globe without any manipulation. 

Ethereum enthusiasts wish to hand over the power back to the users with the use of this decentralized system. Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the world. 

Ethereum blockchain-based network is primarily used to provide support to the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, Ether. Ethereum can be used to send and receive value across the globe without the intervention of third parties. 

The top 5 institutions bullish on Ethereum are: 

Cisco Systems 
Accenture plc
Intel Corporation
Mastercard Incorporated


Also, read a detailed overview of the top 5 institutions bullish on Ethereum and the factors behind the same. 

Top 5 influencers Bullish on Bitcoin

No one wants to be left out in this crypto wave. Every top influencer is riding the crypto wave and is quite positive about the revolution it is bringing to the financial sector. Many influencers use their social media handles to educate and promote cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin. The raised awareness around cryptocurrencies and the participation made by such influencers have made crypto adoption easier and more expansive than ever. 

The 5 influencers who are promoting Bitcoin through their social presence and are bullish on Bitcoin are : 

Roger Ver 
Andreas M. Antonopoulos 
Tim Draper
Anthony Pompliano
Tone Vays


Also, read a detailed study on how these influencers are using their social status to educate about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Read about the top 5 influencers bullish on Bitcoin in detail. 

Top 5 influencers Bullish on Ethereum 

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine and a programmer in 2013 described the idea of Ethereum blockchain in a white paper for the first time. The argument that Vitalik proposed is that blockchain technology has much more use-cases than finance.  And since then has been a tenacious promoter and supporter of Ethereum. Just like him, there are many influencers who are bullish on Ethereum. 

The Top 5 influencers bullish on Ethereum are: 

Vitalik Buterin
Ivan on Tech
Erik Voorhees
Charlie Lee
Andreas M. Antonopoulos


We have also analyzed the factors behind these influencers going all bullish on Ethereum. Read how the top 5 influencers bullish on Ethereum are using their social handles to educate and promote Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. 

Summing it up! 

After taking out their profits on Bitcoin this year, many investors have started to pour in their money into Bitcoin again. While a few are still holding most of the institutional investors have turned bullish towards cryptocurrency. 

The attention and excitement around bitcoin over the last two years has generated far more questions than answers for institutional investors. They have finally started to see Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as actual assets generating returns despite being a volatile market. Experts believe that by the next few years almost all the institutional investors would have poured a percentage of their assets into cryptocurrencies. After all who wants to be left out while making profits. 

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