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How to Keep Your Crypto Account Secure?

Investment in any asset class comes with certain protocols that become essential for the investors to follow. While you plan out a whole year of your investment journey with which asset to invest in, there are various security measures that miss out on their hygiene routine checks. 

With cryptocurrency disrupting the financial sector, investors are pouring in to get a hold of various crypto tokens at their convenience. As the safest cryptocurrency exchange in India, it is our responsibility to curate a blog mentioning all the security measures one can take. Working towards the same, today we are going to mention the various methods our in-house security expert suggests for the safety of our crypto accounts


Set up 2 – Factor Authentication Setting up Two-Factor Authentication will ensure that no one can access your CoinDCX account without gaining access to both your password and the OTP.
Always check your browser address bar Always make sure the URL you’re visiting is: If the website you’re on looks exactly like ours but is even slightly different – you could be a victim of phishing and could lose control of your account. Bookmark the URL- Remain vigilant!
Do not share sensitive information with anyone While our community managers on Telegram and our support teams regularly converse with users over chat or call, no single CoinDCX employee will ask for any sensitive information from you. Our employees will only ask for your email, phone number, and Support Ticket ID.
Use a strong password We recommend that you use a strong password for your CoinDCX account. While we have the highest levels of cryptocurrency security for our platform, using an easy-to-guess password leaves you vulnerable to “guess hackers”.
Double-Check the recipient address It is also essential that you double-check the recipient address and the amount as once it’s sent it cannot be retracted and is unrecoverable.
Beware of Scammers Many hackers will try and use fraudulent techniques to obtain sensitive information by posing as trustworthy entities. They send convincing emails posing as a cryptocurrency exchange and acquire login details and personal passcodes using phishing/social engineering. The hackers can use this information to access your cryptocurrency wallets causing harm. Avoid this by remaining cautious.
Phishing Scams In a phishing scam, an attacker tries to disguise themselves as a trustworthy entity to trick you into giving them sensitive information that can be used to gain access to your devices and accounts to steal your money. Therefore, our clients must be very careful and practice good habits to avoid falling victim to these scams.

If you are new to the crypto space and to a cryptocurrency trading platform, it is understandable when you would look for easier ways for additional security features that can help you protect your crypto account from hacks and phishing attacks. Our security head has added the following points just for you!

14 Easy Ways to Keep Your Crypto Safe:

  1. Maintain basic browsing and computer hygiene
  2. Keep all your devices locked 
  3. Update all software regularly
  4. Try and ensure 2FA wherever possible
  5. Ensure you use different passwords for different accounts
  6. Ensure you browse on HTTPS sites and check for security certificates wherever there is a doubt
  7. Look for the lock icon in the address bar
  8. Do not download and execute suspicious files
  9. Do not just read file names – try and understand their extensions as well (ex docpdf.exe might look like a doc, but is actually an executable file)
  10. Do not install apps from outside of secure app stores. (Google Play Store and App Store)
  11. Stay up-to-date and learn about different cyber attacks
  12. Take quizzes like to learn about phishing attacks and ways to fight them. 
  13. Check regularly for data breaches and if found to be a victim of a breach, change credentials immediately. 
  14. Avoid using cracked software. They are the primary source of system infections these days.

Note: These methods are applicable in any platform/exchange you may use. 

Join our Telegram channel and interact with us for any further queries. CoinDCX is built to help you easily access the crypto space using the simplest and safest crypto product services!

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