Best Cryptocurrency Projects of 2021


2021 has been an interesting year for crypto and blockchain. After an impressive 2020 that saw the industry not only survive the pandemic but come out of it with more institutional support than ever before, 2021 was the year to build on this foundation.

After the impressive year of 2020, 2021 was indeed the year where the cryptocurrency industry not just survived the pandemic but came out with flying colors. Some of the most ambitious projects in the industry flew off the charts in 2021 and have never looked back ever since. The last quarter of the year saw the emergence of cryptocurrencies from a major dip to setting new all-time highs. This is how crazy and fascinating the cryptocurrency market is. While we are on this note, we must never forget our history while trying to build the future. Although there are the best crypto projects in 2020 it is highly likely that these best projects would have been replaced by another set of best crypto projects of 2021. 

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Best Crypto Projects of 2021 

Yield App 


We live in an era where medical records are not just opaque but completely rigid. Immunify.Life is bringing a new era of digital disease health registry and self-sovereign identification using AI, NFTs, and Cardano blockchain. Immunify.Life is a unique fully functional and decentralized ecosystem combining personal health records and electronic medical records.

Immunify. life ecosystem comprises Immunify. Life Platform, IMM token, and a simple user-friendly mobile app. It creates a non-custodial, interoperable and decentralized environment where patients have full control of their data at all times. However, patients can choose to provide their private data to professionals, doctors, institutions, investors, and governments for a better global healthcare system.

Yield App 

Launched in February 2021, YIELD App is a digital wealth management platform that enables its users to invest USDT, USDC, Ether, and Bitcoin for an APY of up to 20.5%. In just eight months since launch, it now boasts over $350 million of managed assets, 60,000 users, and a partnership with Premier League football club West Ham United. It is a wealth solution for individual and institutional users alike, with more than 60 corporate and family office clients across Europe, Asia, and Australia.


One of the pioneers of the DeFi crypto projects is the Uniswap decentralized exchange. It is also one of the top 10 defi projects of 2021. It uses an Automated Market Marker system (AMM) to make sure that is enough liquidity for ERC20 tokens being traded on the site. This token allows investors to have complete control over the private keys and also allows them to integrate other external wallets that even lets them trade at lower fees. 

It is considered one of the best-performing tokens in the industry with a surge in the price of over 1100% in just eight months. It has a market cap of $13 billion and is considered one of the best in terms of valuation. Once investors buy the defi token UNI, they are also eligible for discounts and incentives on the Uniswap protocol.

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Any investor must be aware of the volatility and price fluctuations the crypto and DeFi market brings with it, just like any other traditional asset market. However, if one is in search of a less volatile token then one can consider DAI. It’s a DeFi crypto coin that has been built using the blockchain technology behind Ethereum and thus, has its value pegged to that of the US dollar. 

DAI is one of the first of its kind. How? It is one of the first DeFi tokens backed by a collateral asset. It was developed by MarkerDAO Protocol, believed to be one of the best platforms to build other decentralized applications and create defi coins.

The exchange rate of this token reflects the value of the US dollar against the other fiat currencies. Usage of DAI also reduces the delays involved while trading other financial markets along with reducing the transaction costs. 


Cabital enables users to earn passive income safely and securely with their cryptocurrencies. Its key product Cabital Earn, a wealth management platform, lets customers acquire higher returns on their investments of up to 12% APY. It does not require minimum or maximum deposits and does not charge fees for depositing digital assets. The recently integrated SEPA payment lets euro holders instantly purchase and sell cryptocurrency assets with any euro amount and at the best industry rates. Cabital Earn offers free bank deposits in euros, daily accrued interest, and makes it easy to track crypto assets and invest whenever. 

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Summing it Up! 

2021 was a great year for both crypto projects and crypto investors. People have started to be more flexible and have opened their arms towards the modern world revolution. Projects like Immunify.Life, Uniswap, Cabital, Yield App, and DAI are making a significant impact in the world. While a few cater to the financial markets the others adhere to the other day-to-day issues faced by people. Every crypto project has its own niche and is trying to resolve a real-world challenge.  Experts believe that these crypto projects have the potential to bring in a significant change that we are about to see. 

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