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What is Telos (TLOS)? How to Buy TLOS In India?

What is Telos (TLOS)? How to Buy TLOS In India?

Telos is a layer 1 blockchain built on top of Binance network. It is deemed as one of the few blockchain solutions to offer the fastest EVM – Ethereum Virtual Machine. EVM is the core component of the blockchain and serves as a gatekeeper on the platform to ensure all transactions on the blockchain adhere to the smart contract linked to the platform. 

The Telos Layer 1 was founded by the Telos Foundation. It is home to some of the most known crypto platforms like Sushiswap. The ecosystem of Telos that support EVM include some great projects like VirtualStax, Elk finance, Bikechain, Metamask and many more. Besides these names, Telos has 25+ native projects that include MEXC exchange, Lightning Protocol, EOS Authority, Pancake swap, Uniswap, Kucoin and many other new players in the blockchain world. 

Launch Date 2018
Founder  Justin Giudici
Blockchain Protocol Binance Smart Chain BEP-20
Native Token  TLOS
Market Cap ₹2,802,733,803
Token Type Enterprise Solutions 
Circulating Supply 270,123,444 TLOS
Max Supply  355,208,371
Consensus Method  Proof-of-stake


The Telos network was co-founded by Justin Guidici along with Lliam Buckley. Other than that, the team comprises Sukesh Kumar, Jeff Nowak, Naim Tyler and Jesse Schulman. 

Justin Guidici is the CEO of Telos network and Telos Foundation (2019- Present) He heads the business marketing and operations for Telos. He graduated from Curtin University of Technology with a degree in Commerce and Majored in Information Systems. 

Lliam Buckley heads the Telos Culture – a division responsible for block production on the Telos blockchain. At Telos Culture,  Lliam Buckley also looks after the media and PR operations to ensure the brand presence of Telos in the world of blockchain. He pursued his education in the arts discipline from Fanshawe college. 


For crypto investors

Telos is an enterprise solution and its native token TLOS is used for DeFi functions like staking, NFT purchase on Telos native platforms. You can have a look at the Telos based platforms at 

For web3.0 developers

Telos is a layer 1 blockchain that supports two major protocols EVM and EOSIO. Developers can choose to build dApps on Telos either by using Solidity or C++ for smart contract development. 


EVM compatible: Telos supports EVM compatible decentralized applications making it the first choice for blockchain developers as Solidity is the most common known language amongst Ethereum developers. 

Native EVM protocol: Telos EVM is the flagship offering of the blockchain. It eliminates front running making transactions faster on chain. This is achieved by processing transactions on a first queue basis. Besides supporting C++ as a smart contract development language, Telos offers a range of dev tools for developing dApps on the blockchain. 


Telos has seen an upward trend in the last week and has recorded a dip for a brief period. The token recovered from a small downtick recorded in December 2022. 

The ROI recorded from its day of inception is 1216.73%. The price change of the token is not too high and has been seeing a re correction in value from time to time. 

According to data, the all time low of the asset stood at ₹0.7918 on December 05, 2020 and the all time high of TLOS stood at ₹115.98 on February 07, 2022, 

Source: Trading View

TLOS Price Today ₹10.38
Price Change <Yearly> No data 
Market Dominance 0.00%
Market Rank (as per CMC) 434
Market Cap ₹2,802,679,847
Fully Diluted Market Cap ₹3,686,475,867
ATH ₹115.98
ATL ₹0.7918



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