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What is Mirror Protocol (MIR)? How to buy MIR in India?

Mirror Protocol


What is Mirror Protocol (MIR)?

Mirror Protocol (MIR) is an Ethereum token that allows creators to issue synthetic assets, that help track prices of real-world assets. The project aims to enable 24/7 equities trading by minting “synthetic” versions of the real assets. MIR tokens can also be used to propose and vote on important changes to the protocol. 

In other words, mirrored assets are tokens that behave like a mirrored version of real-world assets by reflecting the exchange prices on-chain. They give traders the price exposure to real assets while enabling fractional ownership, open access, and censorship resistance as any other cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional tokens which serve to represent a real, underlying asset, mAssets are purely synthetic and only capture the price movement of the real asset.

Who are the founders of MIR?

Mirror was developed by Terraform Labs (TFL), the group that has built the Terra blockchain. The MIR blockchain was built to be dedicated to building out the Terra tooling and application ecosystem. 

How does Mirror Protocol (MIR) work?

The Mirror token has two functions:

HOW TO BUY Mirror Protocol (MIR)?

Use these three-step processes to buy your first MIR using the CoinDCX crypto app in India

  1. Sign Up for the CoinDCX account: Enter a valid email address and a user name on the sign-up page. Once the Email Id has been verified, set a strong password to secure your account.
  2. Verify the account: You need to complete your KYC, to buy MIR on the CoinDCX platform. All you need to do is upload the documents and your account will be set up in 15 minutes.
  3. Buy MIR: After the account has been verified, you can deposit any amount of fiat currency you are comfortable with and start your crypto journey!

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