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What is LCX (LCX)? How to Buy LCX Crypto in India?

What is LCX (LCX)? How to buy LCX Crypto in India?


What is LCX?

LCX is a digital asset trading platform offering compliant and security tokens. LCX stands for Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange. It was founded in 2018. LCX has a second layer that enables limit orders from Uniswap.  The LCX terminal authorized major crypto assets, regulated price oracles and crypto reference prices, an end-to-end tokenization platform for security tokens. $ LCX is the native token of the exchange to reward the stakeholders for holding token assets for a good tenure. 

Who are the founders of LCX?

Monty C. M. Metzger is the chairman of LCX and is renowned for his leadership in the digital era. He co-founded an internet company in the year 1998 and since then he’s been in an entrepreneurial mode as he co-founded several tech firms in Beijing, Tokyo, and New York.

How does LCX work?

The LCX utility token is the fuel of the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange. The token can be utilized to pay all fees on the exchange including LCX Terminal subscription; fees for custodian solutions LCX Vault; fees for exchange transactions for all crypto assets; exchange fees for fiat-crypto-fiat transactions; processing fees; and other fees within the LCX ecosystem.

Key Attributes of LCX

Token Sales Manager 

The token sales manager offers end-to-end compliant token designing solutions. Right from a smart contract to offering legal documentation solutions for token launch and private token sale. The manager is a 360-degree suite to get started with a token project. 

Price Oracle 

LCX’s crypto reference price fetches the value of Ethereum, Bitcoin, U.S Dollar, and Euro to establish a credible resource for market participants to mitigate the degree of risk in crypto investments.  

LCX Mobile

LCX had an investment app for users to trade anytime and anywhere. It has a seamless interface. Users can send or receive crypto without any hassle. In addition, completing KYC on the exchange is quicker and with fewer steps involved. 


The LCX terminal offers statistical real-time data of all crypto assets. The solution also fetches data of crypto assets from major crypto exchanges so investors can choose the one that fits their needs. All data of crypto assets are vetted based on social indicators, trading signals, their Galaxy Score, and Altcoin Altrank score accompanied with other social signals.

Smart Order

The exchange offers an automated smart order for crypto trading for investors who have planned a crypto investment strategy and wish to automate it. The smart order of LCX can manage multiple assets tracking and automated investing. Users can analyze and trade at best prices for each trading pair in real-time and even leverage arbitrage opportunities via real-time price indexing.

STO Launchpad 

The LCX STO launchpad offers a basket of services for end-to-end tokenization. The launchpad services include a legal tool kit and security token management including smart contract development, audit and token generation.

What sets LCX apart? 

LCX is a utility token that offers regulated and compliant services for tokenization for B2B enterprises. What really makes LCX different is the fact that as an exchange that offers a plethora of services including legal documentation, smart contract development, and audit. LCX is the one-stop-shop for individuals or enterprises looking for assisted token development. 

How to buy LCX (LCX) in India 

 Use this three-step process to buy your first LCX using the CoinDCX crypto investment app

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