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What is COTI (COTI)? How to buy COTI in India?


What is COTI (COTI)?

COTI  or the Currency of The Internet is another crypto ecosystem that aims to build a decentralized and scalable payments network to facilitate efficient global commerce.

COTI combines distributed ledger technologies with traditional payment solutions and aspires to set up a next-generation decentralized payment solution that is trust-driven, instant, and cost-effective. COTI distinguishes itself from other payments solutions, by providing a thorough solution that consists of an innovative trust mechanism, a decentralized mediation system, a multi-currency wallet, and a native currency exchange. The driver of the COTI ecosystem is the COTI coin, a native digital currency.

Who are the founders of COTI?

The core team of COTI is made up of 27 full-time employees. This includes engineers, mathematicians, economists, researchers, and veterans from the fintech and banking industries. The team consists of David Assaraf (Co-founder), who has previously worked as an examiner in the Bank of Israel’s banking supervision department’s credit risk unit. Shahaf Bar-Geffen (CEO) and also the co-founder of WEB3, a leading multinational digital marketing firm. Nir Haloani (CTO), and a pioneer in data compression, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Yair Lavi (CFO) is an accountant, a graduate in accounting and economics, and holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

How does COTI work?

The COTI ecosystem provides fast and price-stable payments options with direct merchant-facing tools. COTI provides these options to its users without the use of financial intermediaries. Besides that, the network has the ability to process up to 100,000 transactions per second! The transaction speed is faster than many traditional payment systems and blockchains. Though it has a high transaction speed, the COTI network also ensures the same level of stability and protection. Apart from that, the platform includes a dispute resolution mechanism to guard against user errors and fraud and employs the Trust Chain Algorithm. 

The native token of the COTI project operates on three separate main nets. 

Due to the globally accepted standard of the ERC-20 tokens, most exchanges use the ERC-20 version of the COTI token. The native COTI coin serves as the sole unit of account along with common means of payment for transaction fees and other tasks. 

Key Attributes of COTI

The COTI ecosystem is aiming towards providing solutions through 7 different elements that are necessary for a perfect payment structure within the decentralized system.



Use these three-step processes to buy your first COTI using the CoinDCX crypto and bitcoin investment app

  1. Sign Up for the CoinDCX account: Enter a valid email address and a user name on the sign-up page. Once the Email Id has been verified, set a strong password to secure your account.
  2. Verify the account: You need to complete your KYC, to buy COTI on the CoinDCX platform. All you need to do is upload the documents and your account will be set up in 15 minutes.
  3. Buy COTI: After the account has been verified, you can deposit any amount of fiat currency you are comfortable with and start your crypto journey!

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