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What is Aptos (APT)? How to buy Aptos Crypto in India?

What is Aptos (APT)? How to buy Aptos Crypto in India?

What is Aptos (APT)?

Aptos blockchain aims to build an inclusive layer 1 protocol. Currently, the project is offering a web3 domain with APT as the domain extension. The aim of Aptos Name Service is to give a web3 identity for participants. Besides the name service, Aptos blockchain has designed its own programming language called Move. The blockchain offers easy upgradeability and focuses on maintaining a developer friendly landscape to build decentralized solutions that can be seamlessly scaled. 

Who are the founders of  Aptos?

Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching are the founders of Aptos blockchain. Shaikh has outstanding experience in scaling business from 0 to 1. Mo combines his knowledge of building products, fundraising, developing business strategy & scaling teams. He has over a decade of depth in capital markets, private equity, venture capital across US, EU and Middle East markets. Avery Ching is the CTO of Aptos. He has over a decade of experience in software building. He is also one of the key members of Apache Software foundation. He was the tech lead of the crypto platform team at Novi (Meta). 

The Aptos team is credited with developing the technical innovations that power the Aptos blockchain—including the original creators of the Move language, Move Prover, and Bullshark and Narwhal mechanisms.

How does Aptos work?

Aptos blockchain works with the Move language designed by an expert team of researchers and developers. To achieve high throughput, the Aptos blockchain leverages a pipelined and modular approach for the critical stages of transaction processing. Aptos works on an efficient smart contract mechanism called Block-STM. The mechanism follows the principles of Software Transactional Memory and optimistic concurrency control which makes the platform fast. 

Key Attributes of Aptos

To achieve high throughput, the Aptos blockchain leverages a pipelined and modular approach for the key stages of transaction processing. This fully leverages all available physical resources, improves hardware efficiency, and enables highly parallel execution. With this modular design, Aptos supports faster and safer release cycles, as changes can be targeted to individual modules. The modular design also provides a structured path to scaling validators beyond a single machine, providing access to additional computation, network, and storage resources. 

Block-STM is a new parallel execution engine for smart contracts built around the principles of Software Transactional Memory and optimistic concurrency control — this means faster transaction processing due to a novel approach that is core to Aptos. Unlike existing parallel execution engines that break transaction atomicity by requiring upfront knowledge of the data to be read/written, Block-STM enables developers to code without limits, maintain composability, and achieve higher throughput and lower latency for real-world use cases.

Today, the Aptos blockchain leverages the latest iteration of AptosBFT (version 4), the first production optimistically responsive BFT consensus protocol. Consensus commonly requires only two network round trips (with round trip times typically less than 300 milliseconds worldwide) and dynamically adjusts to faulty validators through a leader reputation mechanism. This novel mechanism significantly improves performance in decentralized environments, correspondingly provides infrastructure for appropriate incentives and quickly minimizes the impact of failed validators on throughput and latency. Development of AptosBFT version 5 is already underway and will be released in a future upgrade.

Aptos aims to provide a high-throughput, low-latency network for the individual needs of all participants. Building a rich and diverse validator and full node community requires that state replication is flexible for different hardware environments. Aptos adapts to changing user requirements to offer new and more efficient sync strategies for inexpensive machines and higher levels of validation for those who can afford to.

What sets Aptos apart? 

Aptos blockchain uses a simple infrastructure that aligns with the needs of businesses today. Despite being a developer-friendly and easy-to-use tech stack, the blockchain offers a novel approach to keep the basic tenets of DLTs intact. The unique combination of focusing on the user experience, upgradeability, and state-of-the-art technology makes Aptos the home for developers to build applications for generations. There is already a robust ecosystem of hundreds of projects and hundreds of thousands of community members that have made Aptos their home.

How to buy Aptos (APT) in India 

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