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CoinDCX Pro Presents: Futures Trading Battle

It’s time for you to deploy your trading skills as we bring you the “Futures Trading Battle” with a prize pool of 7.5 Lakhs!!

How can I participate in the Battle?

Place a Futures trade on eligible market pairs on CoinDCX web and/or CoinDCX Pro app for the competition duration and have the highest volume (inclusive of all buy and sell orders).

Battle Duration

Start Time: 09:00 AM, December 12, 2022

End Time: 11:59 PM, December 14, 2022

Eligible pairs for this trading competition


To make things more interesting, we are also creating a leaderboard for the top 20 traders daily!

You can look up your name on the leaderboard and rank up. 


Where can I find the leaderboard?

Here’s the link. CoinDCX will update this every 2 hours, make sure to stay at the top of this chart! 


Battle Rewards

Traders who rank in the top 5 by 11:59 PM, December 14, 2022, will be eligible for the following rewards based on their rank: 

Rank Reward
1st USDT 3000
2nd USDT 2000
3rd USDT 1000
4th and 5th USDT 500
Raffle Prizes** 5 people selected on the basis of a raffle get an Apple iPad!

**For the Raffle prize, users have to transact in BTC and ETH Futures pairs at least once during the campaign period. There is no restriction on transaction volume.


Rules to keep in mind! 

  • To be eligible for the rewards, the top 5 ranked traders need to do at least USD 300,000 volume transaction over the duration of the entire competition.
  • Trading volume counts both buy and sell orders volume valid for BTC and ETH pairs only (excluding wash trades).
  • Pairs that are eligible for this trading competition are BTC-USDT, ETH-USDT (USDT Margin) & BTC-USDT, ETH-USDT (BTC Margin).
  • The competition will be for both CoinDCX web and CoinDCX Pro app users.
  • The trading battle will take place only on the Futures market. Volumes on Spot, Margin, or any other products will not be taken into consideration.
  • Wash trading and API bot trading are not allowed.


Terms and Conditions

For terms and conditions, click here.


Make the best use of this chance and win BIIIIIIIIG!

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