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What are Altcoins? Basics of Crypto Investing Investors Need to Know!


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The onset of the crypto space started back in 2009 when the world was introduced to a decentralized token called Bitcoin. Through various trials and attempts at providing solutions to real-world problems, there were more tokens that followed, which were then collectively termed altcoins. Since then, thousands of new altcoins, or alternative coins, have been created and added to the crypto ecosystem. Their invention marks the attempts to bring improvements in Bitcoin by regulating factors such as the total supply of coins, confirmation time and algorithm of mining, etc. 

What are Altcoins?

To put it simply, all cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are termed altcoins. They were developed in a similar blockchain structure to replicate the success story and they also follow a peer-to-peer system. Similar to Bitcoin, altcoins also need a specific mining method to enable users to carry out safe and secure web transactions. Generally, the framework used for developing altcoins is similar to that of Bitcoin but with enhanced features. These features include a better process of mining, and cheaper or faster transactions. However, overlapping is possible in several altcoins features but when compared with each other, they present several variations. 

While now Bitcoin has thousands of altcoins as its competitor, it has still maintained the top position in the list. Rapid evolution is taking place in the space of cryptocurrency and the stage is taken by modifications such as privacy, immediate transfers, and varied proofs. Litecoin, OKCash, Dogecoin, and Zcash are included in some of the many popular altcoins. 

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Did you know?

Ideally, the development of Altcoins should be done for the purpose of solving some specific problem and not only for collecting money and go off route like the pattern that other coins are following. However, several altcoins are there in the markets that are performing exceptionally well. These include Neo, Ripple, Ether, etc. 

Types of Altcoins

Different types of classes appeared with the evolution of altcoins. There are certain sorts of altcoins and they are stablecoins, utility tokens, cryptocurrencies, and security tokens. In order to split the majority of these theories from altcoins, a certain kind of movement is taken. It is said that altcoins may pertain to just mining-dependent cryptocurrencies except for Bitcoin in the upcoming time, in case the trend carries out to be the same. 


There is a mining system accomplished by these altcoins where the latest coins are created by fixing the challenging issues to open and release the blocks. They are much like Bitcoin when compared to other types of altcoins. At the beginning of 2020, the majority of elite altcoins come inside this class. Ethereum was the most excellent and famous mining depended on altcoin during the February month of 2020. 


Stablecoins attempt to enhance on Bitcoin by minimizing fickleness. This is actually gained by making an attempt over the worth of coins on present currencies. U.S. dollar, gold, and euro come in the category of backing altcoins with famous options. The most popular stablecoin is regarded as Libra of Facebook although its commencement is not made after January 2020.  

Security Tokens

Not just these altcoins are connected with an enterprise, but also they commence in an initial coin offering (ICO). It is assumed that security tokens are the same as customary stocks. In fact, they frequently assure certain kinds of dividends such as payout or possession while trading. 

Utility Tokens

Utility tokens offer an entitlement on services. Furthermore, they are offered as a component of an ICO. Filecoin is a wonderful illustration of a utility token provided in an ICO. When it comes to central and distributed file storage areas, Filecoins are tailored to be replaceable. 

Meme Tokens

Since 2021 there has been a surge in the new segment of crypto assets with dedicated communities, often termed as Meme Tokens. For example Shiba Inu or Dogecoin. These coins, when introduced, did not have any significant role to cater towards but a little push from influential people like Elon Musk and likes. 

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Why are Altcoins important?

Any investor with a good understanding is aware of the fact that variety and variation are progressive tools. There is a saying about not putting all logic in Microcode which is an enormous piece of investment recommendation. Customizing your investments throughout a briefcase which comprises assets such as bonds, stocks, cryptocurrency, and cash is chiefly significant for reducing the hazards and acquiring the benefit of several chances for victory. 

The influence of failure of anybody’s asset gets shortened when you turn out miscellaneous in one’s investments. This even permits investors to gain a grip over hazards. We realize the significance of varied investment dossiers. Making money from cryptocurrency is not easier to maintain. Being a crypto investor, there are chances you desire to cut short your risk dossier by investing in government securities and other minimal risk choices. In general, investments of each and every type with assets gathered at a risk stage wherein you are satisfied and cozy, all will be asserted in your paradigm dossier. It is not at all a great thought to keep the entire assets you possess in the form of cash. 

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Top 10 Altcoins

Here are the ten largest crypto tokens by Market Cap, as of 04 April 2022, according to CoinMarketCap:

Coin Market Cap
Ethereum $412,752,601,337
Tether $82,361,797,472
BNB $72,470,253,290
USD Coin $51,570,154,828
Solana $42,232,333,643
Cardano $40,938,595,173
XRP $39,561,928,280
Terra $39,134,266,415
Avalanche $24,771,082,464
Polkadot $21,791,662,823

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