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Top Proof-of-Work Tokens by Market Cap [September 2022]

Top Proof-of-Work Tokens by Market Cap [September 2022]


The final execution of the highly anticipated Ethereum Merge and its subsequent crash of over 20% as of writing this article has bright proof-of-work tokens back into the limelight. This is because a large number of miners who were verifying transactions on the PoW-based older Ethereum chain are now looking for other places to go to and be able to use their expensive mining rigs. This exodus of late has resulted in mining profitability running into the ground for some of these smaller coins due to this sudden inflow of large miners onto their networks, driving hash rates through the roof. So here are some of the top proof-of-work coins of 2022 by market capitalization that you can consider.


Crypto Market Cap Weekly Volume
Bitcoin (BTC) $353 billion $296 billion
Dogecoin (DOGE) $7.4 billion $2.5 billion
Ethereum Classic (ETC) $3.8 billion $19.1 billion
Litecoin (LTC) $3.6 billion $4.3 billion
Monero (XMR) $2.4 billion $796 million

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Bitcoin is probably one of the last surviving major proof-of-work cryptos left. In fact, it is only one of two out of all the top 10 cryptos by market cap, only followed by Dogecoin (DOGE) in the 10th position on the list. It is also popularly known as the ‘first generation of cryptos’ and it was instrumental in bringing about this crypto revolution right after its launch back in 2008. Bitcoin price had begun taking the lead

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The most valuable meme coin by market capitalization has had better days. It did see a bout of recovery in the middle of August, when DOGE price managed to rally all the way up to $0.087 but it has fallen back to $0.055, losing all the gains it had made in the first half of the month and then some. However, Dogecoin is making some waves with the launch of its DogeChain.

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Ethereum Classic has been one of the star performers in the past couple of months. It had more than tripled in value from its July 2022 lows, going all the way from $13 in the middle of July to above $44 at its peak in the middle of August 2022. Since then it has fallen significantly down to $28 as of writing, down 35% from its highs. Up until the Ethereum Merge, Ethereum Classic was the best alternative for PoW based Ethereum miners to migrate to, because of which it had been rising.

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Litecoin is essentially a derivative of Bitcoin, sharing much of its codebase with the king coin but with a few key differences that enables this peer-to-peer crypto to be instant and enable near-zero cost payments to anyone across the world. This proof-of-work crypto had become quite popular as it was launched just three years after the launch of Bitcoin thanks to its extremely low costs that came without sacrificing its decentralization. 


Monero is yet another proof-of-work token that often misses the eye. It is the largest privacy focused crypto by market capitalisation. It works pretty much like most other proof-of-work cryptos however with the only differentiation being that all transactions on this platform are completely hidden and cannot be traced or tracked. However, it must be known that coins such as this may attract the attention of law and order authorities across the world, due to the kind of anonymity it provides. 

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Prices as on 19 September, 2022.

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