Top Crypto Games To Play In 2022

Top Crypto Games To Play In 2022

What are Crypto Games? 

Differing from traditional gaming, crypto gaming assets do not live on a centralized server. Instead, the players own the items they acquire while playing the crypto games. These include XP, weapons, and skins. But instead of losing the in-game assets when a player stops playing a game, they can trade with other players. Their assets can either be sold or taken by the players themselves. 

With blockchain gaming, players and developers have onboarded the same side. None controls the outcome of the games and anyone can analyze the code used in most of blockchain-based games. This transparency translates to a voting system, where if a developer adds an update and the community does not like that, the game can then be split and have different versions built.

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Following are some of the best crypto games of 2022

Crypto Game USP  Token Blockchain Protocol
Axie Infinity Breeding Axies makes earning easy  AXS Ethereum
Gods Unchained  Easy to play trading card game GODS Ethereum
Upland  Easy to play UPX EOS 
Arc8 By completing simple tasks players can earn crypto GMEE Polygon
Splinterlands A traditional battle game that offers great rewards  SPS HIVE
Aavegotchi Can be played using Binance wallet as well as Metamask GHST Polygon
Pegaxy An easy to play horse racing and breeding game  PGX Polygon
SILK A horse breeding game offers magnificent NFTs  SILKROAD Binance Smart Chain
Ethermon The demons offer a rustic and competitive edge to players battling. MON Ethereum
Crazy Kings Historic replay through discovering kingdoms and building them. To top it all, players earn Tower tokens.  TOWER Ethereum
League of Kingdoms An MMO game that is casual yet competitive to play LOKA Binance Smart Chain
Lost Relics The historic feel and narrative of the game takes the limelight. Enjin Enjin
MegaCryptoPolis A citu building game is a rare concept in gaming which makes MegaCryptoPolis stand out. N/A N/A
Enjin  Reliable name in the gaming industry. Enjin places the players’ experience Enjin Enjin
Riot Racers Players get to own their assets and sell it on third party marketplaces RIOT Ethereum
Zed Run  Fun to play digital horse breeding game mirroring the real life horse breeding ZED Ethereum
Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms Fun historic game that offers great rewards and less investment. MUDOL Binance Smart Chain
Alien Worlds Space landscape offers a great playing experience. Easy to earn assets. TLM Ethereum
GunFire AVAX Free to play and earn NFT mints AVAX, GUNX Avalanche 

Axie Infinity

Name: Axie Infinity (AXS

Type: Tactical Battles

Reward: Crypto 

Token Price: $16.72

What is Axie Infinity? 

Axie Infinity is a non-fungible token-based play-to-earn video game powered by the Axie token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can buy Axies – characters in the game to battle with other players. The winners earn SLP – Smooth Love Potion which can be used in the in-game metaverse to buy collectibles or exchange for fiat. In-game collectibles like virtual land and Axies are NFTs. Players can use Smooth Love Potions – $SLP to breed Axies and sell it to other players through the marketplace. 

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Gods Unchained

Type: Trading Card Game 

Reward: Crypto, NFT

Token Price: $0.4834

What is Gods Unchained?

A trading card game, Gods Unchained requires two players in-game to get in a face-off battle and establish power. It a free-to-play blockchain-based game. A player needs to simply prepare a deck of cards and develop combat tactics to outperform other players. Gods Unchained is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike other games out there, Gods Unchained gives complete ownership of earned assets to the player. 

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Type: Virtual Estate game 

Reward: NFT, Land parcels

Token price: N/A

What is Upland? 

Upland is a popular EOS blockchain-based game within a metaverse where players can buy, sell and trade land parcels that are mapped to the real world. The assets in Upland can be brought with UPX tokens. The tokens cannot be cashed on a crypto exchange. It can be used to buy more property or assets in Upland. However, Upland’s land parcels can be sold to other collectors. 

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Type: Casual e-sport games 

Reward: Tokens 

Token price: $0.01595

What is Arc8?

Arc8 is a play-to-earn mobile game powered by blockchain technology. Arc8 consists of casual e-sport games Winners receive GMEE tokens.  Arc8 is built on the Polygon blockchain. 

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Type: Trading cards game

Reward: NFT.

Token price: $0.05507

What is Splinterlands? 

Splinterlands is a popular card trading game built on the HIVE blockchain. Compared to other crypto games playing on Splinterlands is relatively easy. Users can register for free and practice. To play for trading and earning the user needs to deposit a minimum of $ 10. The extraordinary benefit of playing Splinterlands is that the earned NFTs is not tied to the game but the user’s wallet. The earned NFTs can be sold on third-party marketplaces. 

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Type: Metaverse Land Parcel

Reward: Crypto.

Token price: $1.33

What is Aavegotchi? 

Aavegotchi is a play-to-earn metaverse game where users play with pixel ghosts. Users can earn land parcels and NFTs. The pixel ghost characters can be sold to other players. Users can upgrade their characters to earn rewards and land parcels in the ‘Gotchiverse’. Aavegotchi is built on the Polygon network. Users can opt for selected wallets that support GHST – the native token of Aavegotchi. 

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Type: Casual game 

Reward: Crypto

Token price: $0.01177

What is Pegaxy? 

Pegaxy is a blockchain-based horse breeding game. Players can purchase NFTs in to breed, trade and sell. There are four bloodlines: Hoz, Campona, Klin and Zan which are rare breeds. The breeding of horses gives them a unique value. The most common characteristics present in one of the DNA’s of the horse will dominate the look of the breed horse. In Pegaxy, users or players bid on their horses to win. The native token of Pegaxy is PGX.

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Type: Casual game 

Reward: Crypto, NFT

Token price: N/A

What is SILK? 

Silk is a fantasy horse breeding game backed by blockchain technology. In this game, players invest in the native token ‘Silkcoin’ to buy avatars and horse NFTs’ to participate in the game. The pool of investors can opt for fractionalized racecourses on SILK with $STT.

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Type: Casual game 

Reward: Crypto, NFT

Token price: $0.00923

What is Ethermon? 

Ethermon is a play-to-earn crypto game where individual players can choose their monster avatar to battle. The game Ethermon was originally a game-only platform. Later the project was revamped to include NFTs’ in the ecosystem. At its inception, 269,868 mons were created. These mons mimic the popular cartoon series Pokemon. 

Crazy Kings

Type: Casual trading card collection game 

Reward: Crypto, NFT

Token price: $0.003727

What is Crazy kings? 

Crazy Kings is a play-to-earn game tower defense game. It is a card collecting game. The Crazy Kings is made by Animoca Brands tha same venture firm that developed The Sandbox metaverse. Winners of the game earn $TOWER tokens. 

League of Kingdoms

Type: Battle game 

Reward: Crypto, NFT

Token price:

What is ‘League of Kingdoms’? 

League of Kingdoms is a massively multiplayer blockchain-based game. In this game a player needs to build his or her own kingdom and battle with others to protect their assets. Players who want to buy a land on the platform need to connect a web3 wallet like Metamask. A new player can start with buying a small land on the outliers and upgrade the asset as per one’s convenience. League of Kingdoms is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The native token of the platform is LOKA. The token is used to upgrade assets, stake to earn more LOKA, and make in-game purchases. 

Battle of Guardians

Type: Battle genre

Reward: crypto. 

Token price: $0.001697

What is Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians is a battle game played with NFTs’. BOG is a multichain project built on Binance Smart Chain and Solana blockchain. Developed on unreal engine, Battle of Guardians is available on mobile and pc. It is an NFT battle game and offers more than just battles. The player can choose from different character types: Human, Demon and Guardians. These characters are further classified into tiers: Elite Fighter, Legendary Warrior and God of War. The characters can play the game in any of the three modes. 

Story: This is the primary fighting mode in which players fight against each other to win rewards. In addition, the story has 25 stages, each with different rewards in the $FP assets.

Arena: In this mode, a player enters into a face-off in random matches based on their scores. 

Bout: Bouts are tournaments where 8, 16, or 32 players are grouped to play in a tournament. To enter a tournament, a player needs to pay a fee in $FP. If the player wins in the end he or she gets all the rewards including BGS. 

Lost Relics

Type: Adventure game. 

Reward: NFTs. 

Token price: $0.6298

What is Lost Relics?

Lost Relics is a role-playing adventure game powered by the popular blockchain technology Enjin. It is a ‘Free to play Blockchain Action-Adventure RPG’. The game represents the history of ‘The Deception War’. There are different relics in the game categorized as Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical, and, Transcendent. Players can even purchase their outfits, pets and other in game accessories. Winners of the game can sell their NFTs on third-party marketplaces. Enjin is the primary token of Lost Relics.

Riot Runners

Type: Adventure game. 

Reward: NFTs. 

Token price: $0.01347

What is Riot Racers? 

Riot Racers is a play-to-earn car racing game. Players can earn by racing in the game or by owning NFTs. RIOT is the reward token of the game. Players can own NFT  assets like Gas Stations or Mechanic Shops, and by enrolling in the Riot Owner’s Club. A phenomenal offering of the game is that a player can rent cars or necessary equipment to enter bigger races without having to spend too much. This aspect pretty much mimics real life. These assets can be sold on NFT marketplaces. 

Zed Run 

Type: Horse Racing game

Reward: NFTs. 

Token price: $0.00024184

What is Zed Run?

Zed Run is a horse racing game. The digital horse NFT owners can get their horses to race against each other by paying a small race fee to win a huge prize sum. These NFTs are more than just collectibles, they are literally ‘Breathing NFTs’ that can get their owners passive earnings. This game makes the whole ecosystem all the more real with their Breeding Stud Farm where owners can breed their horses. With the breeding of horses, the idea of horse bloodline comes into the picture making this platform a must-try!

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

Type: Casual RPG game 

Reward: NFTs. 

Token price: $0.2524

What is Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms? 

Hero Blaze: Three kingdoms is a casual play-to-earn game available on android and iOS. 

Players can earn MUDOL Stone by completing missions in the game. Players can collect different generals and train them through training systems like: general summons, general combination, general promotion and equipment upgrade. The Mudol2 token can be brought and stored in the Binance wallet or Metamask wallet. 

Alien Worlds 

Type: Horse Racing game

Reward: NFTs. 

Token price: $0.1063

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is a play-to-earn blockchain-based game. Players can explore space and mine minerals and precious stones. Players can choose the planet they want to explore and mine. The mined minerals represent the crypto asset of the platform. The crypto asset of Alien Worlds is Trillium (TLM). The game is built on the WAX blockchain. To enter the game explore, play and earn the player needs to set up a wallet. 

GunFire AVAX

Type: Battle game, casual.

Reward: NFTs. 

Token price: $ 24.73

What is GunFire AVAX? 

GunFire AVAX is a free to play gun firing game. Currently, the platform is offering free GUNX NFT minting. The game offers impressive avatars and weapons to choose from. The game is fairly easy to play. Players can earn GUNX and AVAX tokens by playing.    

Bottom line

By incorporating blockchain and metaverse technology into the gaming business, Web3 gaming has completely changed the gaming scene. By removing centralized game administrators and platform owners, it has democratized the gaming industry. Web3 gaming is also driving the economic side of the gaming industry with the help of ground-breaking technologies like blockchain, DAO, and the metaverse. It enables gamers to partake in profitable endeavors like in-game digital asset trading and play-to-earn using NFTs. Web3 gaming is a step in the right direction for the future of the digital gaming industry.


Which are the best crypto tokens for gaming?

AXIE, SAND. Enjin, MANA, and ALICE are some of the best crypto tokens for gaming.

Which are the best crypto games of 2022?

Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, Axie Infinity, and Silks are some of the best crypto games of 2022.

Are blockchain games free?

Some blockchain games are free like GunFire AVAX, and Lost Relics are free to play.

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