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Top BNB Chain Ecosystem Tokens by Market Cap

Top BinanceCoin Ecosystem Tokens Based on Market Capitalization

Binance or in simplified terms, Binary Finance, is the world’s largest and the most trusted crypto exchange. The platform kick-started in 2018 and currently facilitating more than 1.4 million transactions per second. BinanceCoin is the native & utility token of the exchange which is issued to manage the trading fees and other benefits. 

The asset incepted the trade on Ethereum Chain initially and later transited on its native blockchain Binance Chain. Presently, BNB is the third largest crypto asset excluding the stablecoins after Bitcoin & Ethereum with a market capitalization of $52.34 billion. 

The most unique feature of the asset is the platform burns 1/5th of its profits to repurchase BNB & burn which has slashed the circulating supply to 161.33 million at the moment. 

BinanceLabs funds the thriving projects in the crypto space and recently Cross-chain staking protocol Ankr received a $500 million Web3 fund. The platform is well-known for constant upgrades and developments. 

The chain recently released a new version V1.1.12 that includes 2 nodes to speed up and also built a trustless scaling solution for the BNB chain called BNB ZK Roll-Up. Alongside, the chain launched the BNB sidechain which will allow cross-chain interaction of different native assets. Additionally, BNB Beacon chain Godel Testnet Upgrade was implemented for future computing projects & governance requirements. 

Top Binance Smart Chain Tokens by Market Capitalization

Crypto  24H Volume Current Price
BinanceCoin $322 million $323.24
Fantom $43.74 million $0.395
PancakeSwap $7.93 million $4.33
Trust Wallet Token $2.12 million $1.13
Gala $47.83 million  $0.062

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Latest News on BSC Ecosystem Tokens 

Binance Coin (BNB)

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Fantom (FTM)

PancakeSwap (CAKE) 

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Trust Wallet Token(TWT) 

Gala (GALA)

Collectively, Binance Coin is among the strongest crypto asset which does not fall prey to any fake breakdowns. Therefore, in the coming days, a significant upswing is expected. And hence the top tokens based on the BNB chain may also follow the BNB price to achieve their respective highs very soon.

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Prices as of August 11th, 2022

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