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Top 10 Blockchain Projects & Startups in India to watch out for in 2023

Top 10 Blockchain Projects in India to watch out for in 2023


India is doing strong with its various top blockchain projects using blockchain technology, and the various blockchain project list is what this article is about. But first a little introduction. Ever since its inception, blockchain has been widely adopted to be used for various purposes that needed more evolved solutions. It is quite easy really to agree when someone says that the 21st century has seen quite the advancement in information technology. A huge credit for the same goes to blockchain. Starting from using it for various projects like sustainability, education to an introduction of a whole new asset class; blockchain has held the door open for numerous opportunities. The advancement presented by the blockchain technology makes it possible for two parties to have a financial exchange in digital domains without the intervention of an intermediary to validate the transaction.

A majority of the latest discussions that are taking place about or on Blockchain technology shows a significant technological advancement that has been achieved. Having decentralized as its quality makes it possible for a blockchain to be extremely secure. In the blockchain system, no single user can change or remove an entry. With its usages within the crypto domain showing the potential and the qualities of the blockchain technology, development within the field is very vastly been worked upon. Blockchain is now growing in the fields of business, finance, banking; law, medicine, real estate and so on.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is an advanced database mechanism which has the ablitily to allow transparent information sharing within a business network. Within a blockchain database, data is stored in blocks that are then linked together in a chain. In simper words, blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger that is shared among the nodes of a computer network. All information are thus, stored electronically in digital format. The innovation with a blockchain is that it guarantees the fidelity and security of a record of data and generates trust without the need for a trusted third party.

Top 10 Blockchain Projects

With the exposure that blockchain technology has given the world, many Indian companies have also joined the club to provide services using blockchain as a method of solution. But before diving into the various organizations, the Indian government also needs a mention. Joining hands with IIT-Kanpur and IIT-Madras, the government is looking for a well researched and thorough understanding of the technology for making use of it in providing solutions for secure healthcare infrastructure, land record management and some more research work.
Here is the list of 10 Indian companies that are using blockchain to provide various solutions to their clients:
Names Service Provided 
Hyperlink InfoSystem  The Ahmedabad-based company, founded in 2011, provides end-to-end services using blockchain technology. Hyperlink InfoSystem caters to making Wallet, creating an Exchange, along with Ethereum based apps, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts, Private Blockchain. Apart from that the company has now started to provide services for NFT Marketplaces as well. 
QBurst QBurst has started to utilize the blockchain technology to give data driven solutions to its customers.
Kellton Tech  Kellton Tech is making use of the blockchain technology to provide services like Digital Transformation, Digital Connected Enterprise, SAP, Outsourced Product Development, and Digital Commerce and Marketing to the users
Infosys Taking up the challenges presented by their clients, Infosys is helping them solve the issues with their blockchain curated services.
Indus Net Technology Similar to Hyperlink InfoSystem, Indus Net is also using the blockchain technology to solve various use cases that are presented to them by their clients.
Accenture  Understanding of blockchain and how it can be implemented in ones business is still a work in progress for a lot of people. Accenture has taken the initiative to help the clients help understand the solutions that this technology can bring to the table. 
Cigniti Technologies Limited  Blockchain is basically the digital ledger that brings transparency. However, the mass adoption of the technology has gotten a  lot of attention but the understanding of its application is still ongoing. This is where Cigniti has stepped up. They gauge the depth of the Blockchain applications and help their clients derive the best possible ROI from the technology. 
TCS  TCS’ Integrated Blockchain offerings enable financial firms to explore and exploit blockchain potential. Their incubated blockchain solution is known as Quartz – the Smart Ledgers.
Talentica Software  Talentica Software is a leading Software Product Development Company that offers product engineering and software development services for startups. It now has opened up doors to help startups and enterprises leverage blockchain technologies to solve real-world problems.
HData Systems As data and owning them becomes more and more important as we enter the world where Web3 is dominant, making moves that are data backed also becomes equally important. In this part of the technology, blockchain ensures data privacy along with allowing data scientists to use it as well, as and when required. Making use of blockchain and its applications HData Systems is now bringing the same for its clients.

Not only are there organizations that are providing blockchain services, there have also been a huge growth in the Indian start-up ecosystem since the technology has been invested. Below listed are some of the top names.

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Top 10 best blockchain startups in India

Matic Network
PSI PHI Blockchain Lab


Apart from catering to various organizations into implementing the solutions blockchain brings to the table, many sectors have also started to include blockchain very heavily within their ecosystem for the newer evolved services. Some of them are healthcare, education, and supply chain to name a few.

Blockchain in Healthcare: 

Hearing that blockchain in healthcare projects might make one wonder about the future of blockchain in healthcare; to answer the question here are some of the functions that blockchain does well. They are:

  • Registry: Implementation of blockchain in healthcare can help in recording information and data in a transparent way without anyone’s asymmetric power over the data
  • Data transfer: Smooth transfer of data between parties
  • Authentication: Identifying authentic data
  • Settlements: Revenue settlement by recording the transfer of goods and use of assets
  • Transactions: Faster and smoother payments and transactions
  • Token exchange: Exchange of crypto tokens

With the unique deliverables of blockchain, let us take a look at the different use cases to understand the future of blockchain in healthcare.

Blockchain in Supply Chain:

The basic usage of the supply chain workings makes it evident that the supply chain sector has a lot of work that deals with data and information that needs authentication audits. However, the most important challenges that persist in today’s supply chain sector are Visibility; which includes identifying and collecting data from all links existing in the supply chain and Disclosure of the date and communications that exist with accurate details.

Here are some of the benefits that blockchain provides to the supply chain;

  • Traceability of the objects in the supply chain to ensure corporate standards are met
  • Decrease in the losses from fraudulent trading
  • Improve visibility and compliance over outsourced contract manufacturing
  • Less paperwork and administrative expenses

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Blockchain in Education:

The need of blockchain in education comes from the potential that it has. The benefits of blockchain in the education sector are yet to be explored properly. The Covid-19 was a good push to a wider forced adoption to online learning, however, some other ways in which Blockchain can be beneficial is:

  • Storage of permanent records.
  • Learner identity verification and information security.
  • Student ownership of lifelong learning credentials.
  • Automatic credit transfers.
  • Intellectual property protection for educational content.
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