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Top 10 Celebrities Who Entered the NFT World | From Jack Dorsey to Snoop Dogg

Top Celebrities into NFTs

NFT is non-fungible token that employ blockchain technology to serve as certificates of ownership for virtual and physical assets. NFTs are dominating the virtual realms of art, music, and sports. And as a result of this new trend’s popularity, celebrities, musicians, designers, and even tech giants are partnering to create innovative concepts.

They’ve tokenized everything, from a single tweet on Twitter to footage of themselves doing simple tasks like walking or sleeping. Albums are being released as NFT drops with digital events and immersive NFTs by musicians. With digital clothing and collections, some are constructing their own themed-metaverse. Majority of them donate their earnings to social causes such as women empowerment, COVID relief, LGBTQ rights, education, and poverty among others. Let’s explore some of the popular NFT art projects launched by known artists.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Launched Their NFT Art Projects

Celebrity NFT Project In Partnership With About The NFT Marketplace & Blockchain
Paris Hilton Paris: Past Lives, New Beginnings Superplastic, a toy brand Autobiographical NFTs representing Hilton’s ‘symbolic closing of one chapter of her life and moving onto the next’. Origin Protocol on Ethereum Blockchain
Lindsay Lohan ‘Lullaby’ Music NFT DJ Manual Riva An electronic music, ‘Lullaby’, and its accompanying visuals minted as a Music NFT FansForever NFT Marketplace on Tron Blockchain
Grimes WarNymph Mac Boucher Digital beings created by splicing pixel DNA from Grimes, an organic human. It exists in Grimes’ narrative universe, which includes an alternate history of mythology. NiftyGateway Marketplace on Ethereum Blockchain
Snoop Dogg B.O.D.R Stash Box NFTs Gala Games A genesis of Listen-to-Earn, each B.O.D.R. Stash Box contains 1 of 18 tracks from the album, all 3 Gala exclusive bonus tracks, a whitelist token, etc. Gala, an online gaming platform on the Ethereum Blockchain
Shawn Mendes Wonder Genies From a virtual guitar to necklaces, vests, and earrings, the collection comprises digital wearables. OpenSea Marketplace
Eminem Shady Con A digital festival inspired by traditional “Con” gatherings where fans gather to exchange their wares. NiftyGateway Marketplace on Ethereum Blockchain
Jack Dorsey First Tweet His 15yr-old tweet, ‘“just setting up my twttr” minted as an NFT ‘Valuables’ by Cent Social Network on Ethereum Blockchain
Cara Delevingne Mine Chemical X A video clip about her vagina as a Bitcoin-Powered NFT Stacks Blockchain
Steve Aoki Dream Catcher Antoni Tudisco 8 NFT pieces that also came with physical copies NiftyGateway Marketplace on Ethereum Blockchain
Kate Moss Sleep with Kate A video of Kate sleeping Foundation Marketplace on Ethereum Blockchain

Top 10 Celebrities In The NFT Art Space Right Now

Paris Hilton

Since the early 2000s, Paris Whitney Hilton has been the OG influencer, capturing trends before they became mainstream. From her Y2K style, predicting that selfies would replace autographs, to now entering the NFT world. Since 2016, Paris Hilton has been a crypto investor, and describes herself as a “Citizen and Icon of the Metaverse.”

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, star of the film “Mean Girls,” believes that crypto, NFTs, and blockchain will become the norm in the future of entertainment. Lohan made her first foray into the NFT realm with a tweet that “Bitcoin is the future”. She then encouraged her 8.4 million followers to visit her first NFT – the word “LIGHTNING” written in the shape of a lightning bolt.


Grimes is a musician known for her experimentation with art and alien-like cosmetics. The virtual age’s fluidity of identity, i.e, the potential to create, augment, and splinter ourselves into countless avatars, and create limitless worlds, is explored in Grimes’ recent NFT collection, WarNymph

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Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, the globally-known rapper, innovator, and entrepreneur, believes that technology will transform the way artists do business. It is evident with some of the notable NFT projects that Dogg has launched:

Shawn Mendes

Inspired by his Wonder album, Shawn Mendes released a collectible Genie Moments:

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Eminem’s love for vintage toys, comic books, and trading cards, dating back to his childhood days as “plain old Marshall,” has come full circle with his NFT release, Shady Con.

Jack Dorsey

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey showed the world that social media can be sold as an NFT.

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Cara Delevingne

Model, actress, and sex-tech entrepreneur Cara Delevingne utilized the crypto market to promote female empowerment:

Steve Aoki

DJ Steve Aoki has been an avid collector, and the convergence of music and new forms of collecting art has provided him with “an opportunity to finally blend art, collectible culture, and music in a unique way.”

Kate Moss

Kate Moss, a supermodel and businesswoman, joined the NFT craze with something truly unique: three video clips of herself.


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