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Want to Manage Crypto Risk? Here’s How to Mitigate Risk in the Crypto Market

How to mitigate Crypto Risk

The craze about the crypto space has been massive in the last couple of years. As an ardent investor or even if you are an amateur aspirant, the crypto trend has likely caught your eye. For good reason, analysts have been saying that crypto has grown to deliver promising return potential since its appearance on the financial market. These crypto-assets are defined by decentralized networks that are backed by blockchain technology. In other words, they do not confine themselves to the rules of a central authority i.e. the traditional banking system. Simply put, they are immune to third-party intermediations. 

The crypto market is indeed very lucrative. However, they also involve the trade-off of volatility as with any other form of investment and are often impacted by market swings. As a result, they face market corrections from time to time. Therefore, you must be extremely proactive and do your own research before deciding on the right crypto assets for your profile. Conducting appropriate research and investing securely is a good way to expect potential returns on your crypto investment. Read on to grasp more about how you can sturdily build a sophisticated crypto portfolio and manage crypto risk effectively. 

Why is there a Sudden Surge in the Mass Adoption of Crypto Space?

The crypto market has indeed managed to find its sturdy footing. While the concept of blockchain technology may have come into existence around 2009, it truly caught the attention of the masses in 2017. This new form of investing has enabled a market to explore more ways of getting into investing other than the conventional ways. A decentralized system, the crypto space may have seen dips but is also on its way to a new maximum. 

Being a fairly new asset class, there are various new options being made available for the investors! In the past couple of tears, the crypto space is growing to explore several possibilities through Defi and NFTs. Metaverse on the hand is believed to be the next big thing after the internet. The crypto system is secure and controlled by the investor. All these factors have led a large number of people to explore the crypto market for fear of missing out on the potential valuable return or from exploring the new asset class. If we go by the trends, the demand among global investors is only likely to rise with time. 

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What are the Risk Factors Associated with the Crypto Space? 

It is safe to say that the emerging blockchain-powered market is here to stay and thrive. However, some risks do interplay. Understanding them helps you power play the crypto asset game and drive good crypto risk management strategies. Some of the risks that surround the crypto space include, 

As with every volatile investment market, the crypto space also carries a certain degree of risk. Striding through a safe and secure investment portal like CoinDCX ensures that you derive greater potential value and minimize the risks. 

How can you Mitigate Crypto Risk? 

We are at the top of the crypto hype cycle. Taking appropriate steps to mitigate the risk will allow you to enjoy the potential glistening returns on crypto assets. Let’s take you through the most effective, 

How to assess Crypto projects to Manage Crypto Risk Effectively:

1. Tokenomics | Market cap, supply and demand, and circulation
2. The crypto project idea, roadmap, whitepaper
3. Token use cases or applications
4. Social media proofs and News/PR
5. HNI and Institutional Interest
6. Project community: Founder, developer team, and users

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Importance of DYOR

As a crypto investor, you should be well initiated about your investment journey. Crypto experts have always emphasized the importance of being cautious about the hype. When you decide to venture into the crypto market, you must conduct in-depth research. 

While Doing your Own Research(DYOR): Keep an eye out for the following:

Market capitalization databases: It will tell you which crypto is being invested the most in

ICO calendars: ICO calendars are curated calendars of new token sales

Block Explorers: Block Explorers can help you check address balances, track coin transfer histories, keep an eye on transaction acceptance, and monitor other statistics and variables.

Forums: Reddit is probably the biggest community in the blockchain space, but it can be the root cause of FOMO-driven purchases. Active conversations also take place on Twitter

Price Charts: Including line charts, bar charts, and candlestick charts.

News outlets: Make sure to read a variety of news outlets

The key result for DYOR is to acquaint yourself with all that the market entails before leaping. And as they say; the rewards precisely lie where the risks do. CoinDCX is your go-to app for all the happenings within the crypto space. Begin your crypto investment journey with CoinDCX, India’s simplest and safest crypto investment app

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