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How to Create an NFT on OpenSea

How to Create & Mint NFTs on OpenSea

Non-Fungible Tokens or simply NFTs have emerged from blues in recent times. The digital assets were sold in the form of artwork which cost remarkably high. So what are these Non Fungible tokens and how to Create NFTs?

Before diving deep into the topic, let’s first understand what NFT is.

A Non-Fungible token is a kind of digital token that represents the real world or the virtual world. One can buy, sell, trade, or collect NFTs within the special trading platform called the NFT Marketplace. Therefore, when looking for an ideal blockchain for NFT marketplace development, some factors are to be considered. 

Things to Consider Before Selecting NFT Marketplace

The majority of the marketplace is compatible with a limited range of NFT projects. On the other hand, some platforms support multiple projects. 

Being Scalable here is the ability to process larger transactions per second within a secured environment. The NFT marketplace is required to be highly secured to protect the creator’s as well as the buyer’s information. 

The efficiency and the effectiveness of smart contracts are very important and hence to write bug-free, efficient and safe code becomes essential. Therefore, a smart contract containing the conditions between vendors & purchasers must be tested to achieve maximum flexibility. 

The marketplace should also be easy to use and support multiple NFT wallets as well as payment options. Also one can check out the other people’s experiences from their reviews

How to Create NFTs on OpenSea 

Step 1: Select an NFT Marketplace

 In this case we elaborated the steps to create an NFT on Opensea Marketplace, however you can feel free to any suitable marketplace to create NFTs.

Step 2: Set Up Your Wallet

A wallet is where you store your Ethereum and NFT assets and hence one must set up a wallet first. Opensea is compatible with many wallets but Metamask is the most popular one. 

Step 3: Connect the Wallet to OpenSea

After setting up the Metamask wallet, navigate to the official OpenSea webpage and click on the wallet icon. The website will list multiple wallet options, select the one which you are using and accept the terms & conditions. 

Step 4: Create an NFT Collection

After setting up a wallet and connecting it with OpenSea, it is time to create a new NFT. To do so, navigate to the OpenSea profile & click ‘My Collection’

Further, create a new collection and add a logo, a featured image & a banner image. Also name your collection and mention a short description of it. Do not forget to select the category. Importantly, choose the resale fee you want to collect from the buyers. 

Select the blockchain you prefer and also the mode of payment and on selecting the display theme & click on create. Your new NFT is created!

How to Mint your First NFT

Further, to list your NFT you have to pay a one-time initialization fee and also provide Opensea access to your NFT. Once you upload your digital signature, Opensea will publish your NFT onto its platform. 

Tips to Create NFTs on OpenSea


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