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How to Earn Passive Income in Crypto with the Power of Compounding

Investing in Crypto Assets

The basis of any form of passive income is to be patient and keep regularity in place to help create consistency. The same goes for when you are exploring automated investing options for the new asset class. When you are taking this route to explore the crypto space, it is also a great idea to start compounding your returns.

The whole idea of compounding is not new. It is similar to the compound interest mathematical problems we solved in our childhood. Compound interest, often referred to as the storied financial concept has helped many reach their financial goals. Given the stronghold it has, it is surprising how often this method does not get the spotlight as compared to other methods that have the tendency to provide quicker returns. 

To help understand compound interest, let us take an example. Imagine someone is preparing to roll a snowball down a hill. As it roll down, the size of the snowball starts to grow at an increasing rate. By the time it gets to the bottom, the snowball has the potential to get doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled in size. Similarly, as compound interest gets bigger, the gains it helps to incur become even larger. All that it takes to earn compound interest is time and patience. 

What is Compounding?

Compounding is indeed one of the most powerful weapons in an investor’s arsenal. The beauty of this whole concept lies in the fact that it is quite simple to understand. But when you put it into practice, the impact can be immense. 

Benefits of the Power of Compounding

One of the biggest benefits of compounding for investors is the value of time. With time, you could gain returns, and the yields on these returns can help you to generate further returns; thus, helping to increase your investments quickly. Saving money and earning a compound interest amount every year is a good thing. But what if you were to invest a fixed amount each month or even better, divide the total amount in weeks? This small step can boost your returns over time. When you regularly invest over time, your returns could accumulate at a much faster pace. 

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Why Does Compounding Work so Well in Crypto?

Investors can easily stake and earn compounds on select coins for big annual yields.

However, it is imperative to keep in mind that crypto, like any investment asset, comes with risks. Even more importantly, you can’t guarantee that the dollar value of your coins will not drop. The volatility of the crypto market and doing your own research are two factors that are an absolute must when diving into the crypto ecosystem.

The volatility of the market is one of the main reasons why compounding actually works so well for crypto assets. If you set up your wallet with the passive income from your base investments, that can become the set wallet balance for continued regular investing. Setting up an automated crypto investing module is the best solution! For example the Crypto Investment Plan or CIP by CoinDCX!

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What is Crypto Investment Plan or CIP?

CIP or Crypto Investment Plan acts as an automated investment plan that will eliminate the risk of delayed decision-making. You only need to choose the amount you want to invest weekly, in Bitcoin or other available crypto tokens. Not only that, but you can also opt for multiple CIPs for the same coin!  

Simply put, CIP in Bitcoin & other crypto helps you invest with: 

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