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CRYPTO V/S RBI , Compilation of arguments from Supreme Court of India.

Compilation of all arguments in Supreme Court of India on Crypto V/S RBI shared by Crypto Kanoon

Special thanks to Crypto Kanoon for their instant updates. Amazing work by their team!

August 8

August 14

Case is listed in Court no 4 as item no. 1.
Court about to be resumed in few minutes.

August 20

6 concerns of RBI:

1. No authoriz
ation to Crypto business (No law prescribes authorization),
2. Hacking (So is with the Digital banking)
3. consumer protection issues (Consumer protection laws can deal with it)
4. No inherent value (Even fiat is not backed by anything as a matter of fact)
5. Volatility (Stocks also have that)
6. use in Illicit activities (Laws like KYC AML etc. can be made applicable)

Hearing ends here.

Arguments will resume tomorrow by RBI and the same will be followed by Rejoinder by the Petitioners.


Hearing of Crypto case has resumed.  Mr. Shyam Divan, Ld. Sr. Advocate started his arguments for RBI.  Most likely the arguments will conclude today.  This coverage is #powered by @coindcx

Court rose up for the lunch. Matter will continue post lunch  Thank you.  This coverage is powered by @coindcx

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