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[Competition Update]: T&C and Leaderboard

Terms and Conditions updated for prevention of wash trading and leaderboard updates for iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9

CoinDCX Pro has always believed that our traders and their interest is at the core of our platform and the features that we develop are always aimed at providing more convenience and opportunities to them. We have always hustled to ensure that we build an ethical platform which paves way for actual traders to make money trading on our platform.

Recently, it has come to our notice that some malpractices have been taking place to devoid our users of fair trading experience and not let actual trading happen on our platform. Wash trading has been an ill-practice that unfortunately exists on various exchanges world over, but needs to be condemned. This is because it doesn’t allow actual trading to occur in an unbiased manner and leads to profit for only selected individuals.

We are updating our Terms & Condition to avoid wash trading taking place on our platform.

“If we observe wash trading happening on any particular day, we shall disqualify that user for that particular day’s trading contest. He may take a fresh start from next day by following proper rules of the competition. The sole discretion of the disqualification remains with us and the rules regarding this can be changed without prior notice.”

Additionally, you asked us to keep you posted on who’s leading the race for the coveted Mega Prizes of iPhone X & Samsung Galaxy S9 and we heard you 😎

From now, we’ll update the leaderboards on our announcement channel for both iPhone X [Highest Volume Trader (Cumulative)] and Samsung Galaxy S9 [Most Profitable Trader (Cumulative)] at the end of every day after the day’s trading contest ends!

So pull up your socks, the league is getting tougher. 🔥🔥

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Disclaimer : CoinDCX Pro is not dealing with fiat (INR) pairs due to the latest RBI notice (Announcement). Trading in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies is subject to market risks, prices are determined purely by the demand/supply and not controlled by the platform.

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