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Aptos vs Solana | Why is Aptos considered as Solana Killer?

Aptos vs Solana: A Comparative Analysis

What is Aptos?

Aptos also known as Aptos Labs is a Web3 startup mainly focused on building a scalable layer-1 blockchain Ever since Meta failed to launch its blockchain. The developers built their own layer-1 blockchains. The very first of these to be launched in Aptos. The protocol works on the PoS-based layer 1 blockchain that assures users increased scalability, reliability, security & usability. The protocol uses a new smart contract programming language called MOVE aiming to achieve a high throughput of over 100,000 transactions per second.

The main pillars behind the Aptos chain are the Block-STM technology, the MOVE programming language & the BFT Consensus Protocol. The technology creates an engine that efficiently handles smart contracts, while MOVE is a custom programming language. The BFT consensus protocol where the protocol & the order of transactions, both run parallel to each other, reducing the latency with an increase in speed. 

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What is Solana?

Solana is a platform that is basically designed to build decentralized applications. The blockchain is open-sourced, aiming to process faster transactions at relatively low costs. The chain works on the Proof-of-Stake mechanism but also uses another mechanism called Proof-of-History. 

The main reason behind combining the benefits of both the consensus mechanism is to process the transitions quickly. Proof of History enables additional levels of security while adding the block to the chain. Further, the Proof-of-Stake enables the validators to stake their tokens and take part in the various events within the ecosystem.

The decentralized ecosystem makes the network more robust where-in users can process transactions without the requirement of an intermediary. The chain works similarly to how the second largest crypto asset, Ethereum like the smart contract capabilities, and consensus mechanism but with higher speed. 

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Aptos vs Solana: Comparative Analysis

Token Aptos Solana
Launch Date October 12, 2022, March 2020
Founder Mohammad Shaikh Anatoly Yakavenjo
Blockchain Protocol Aptos blockchain Solana Blockchain
Native Token   APT SOL
Market Cap $1.06 billion $11.6 billion
Token Type Native Native
Circulating Supply 130 million 359.33 million
Max Supply 1 billion 511.61 million
Consensus Method Proof-of-Stake Proof-of-Stakeslong with Proof-of-History

 Technical Analysis: Aptos Price vs Solana Price

Source: Tradingview

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Aptos Price Prediction 2022

Aptos blockchain entered the market with the intention of competing with the popular chain Solana, claiming to be the “Solana Killer.” However, soon after its inception, the price increased by nearly 40% but failed to reach its ATH, which is close to a three-digit figure. Since the price dropped, it has maintained a lower price variation within an ascending trend. Therefore, the tough competitor of Solana blockchain is expected to rise sharply in the coming days.

Presently, the bears appear to have dominated the rally and hence display the possibility of a minor pullback. In such a case, the APT price may drop slightly below $8 and quickly gain enough bullish momentum to propel high. Meanwhile, the upcoming trend appears to be largely consolidated but with the advancement toward the yearly close, the price may rise its volatility & reach beyond the 2-digit figure very soon.

Therefore, by the end of 2022, the APT price could trade between $9.78 to $10.34.

Solana Price Prediction 2022

Since the beginning of the year 2022, regular network outages have had a significant impact on the price of Solana. Following the market crash in May, the price has consistently lowered its resistance, which is now around $33. However, by remaining above the yearly lows, the bulls have established their presence, which may spark a rebound with a slight ease in market conditions. 

Now while the trade is approaching the yearly close, the SOL price is expected to slightly intensify its activities and try to regain levels beyond $10. After securing these levels, the price may continue raising high to close the yearly trade on a bullish note. Meanwhile, the bears may try to dominate at these levels, but after a minor pullback, the price may regain the bullish momentum & propel high to reach desired levels soon.

Hence, the SOL price is expected to trade around $38.5 to $41.67 by the end of the yearly trade.

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Pros & Cons 


Aptos Pros Solana Pros
Acceptance by the market’s biggest exchanges & backed by VCs Fast transactions with low fees
Facebook’s fame has helped the project gain huge attention Solana has gained a huge market share in NFT & Smart Contract space
Offers positive, convenient & engaging store experience It has a very low environmental impact
Customizes all information in one place & customizes workflows One can stake SOL easily for rewards


Aptos Cons Solana Cons
The actual TPS was just 4 against the claimed levels of more than 100K The Netwrok does not appear to be stable
Only desktop supported  Very fewer projects deployed compared to that of Ethereum 
Aptos’s parallel execution remains largely controversial at the moment No fixed supply and hence prone to remain an inflatory asset
Incorporated too many projects involved with Libra ecosystem Solana is not completely decentralized

Should You Buy Solana or Aptos?

Soon after the crypto space dropped from its highs in 2021, it maintained a significant ascending trend, displaying the possibility of regaining the lost levels. Meanwhile, the May collapse has extended the timeframe but has not completely squashed the possibility of resuming the bullish trend. While Solana stood strong amid multiple network outrages, Aptos is back with a fine development team, hence signals a long way to go for both of the crypto assets in the coming time.

Is Aptos a good investment or Solana?

As mentioned above, the SOL price has displayed enough stability amid the bear market for quite a long time. Meanwhile, the APT price has very little history but back by a seasoned development team. Therefore, deep research & knowledge of the project’s timeline is essential before one gets into investment among Aptos & Solana. 

How to Invest in Aptos and Solana?

Investing in Aptos or Solana or both is pretty simple & safe on CoinDCX. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps,

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