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Announcement: Our open orderbook for INR market goes live @ 2:00 pm today!

Now buy BTC against INR on CoinDCX, India’s favorite exchange

For the longest time you have been asking us to introduce our own open INR orderbook on CoinDCX! And on popular demand, we are proud to present our INR orderbook for Bitcoin (BTC).

What’s new @ CoinDCX?

The past few weeks have been crazy at CoinDCX, we have been exploding with innovation and striving hard to fulfill all demands made by users. From listing new coins to introducing new wallets, markets and now – Our Open INR Orderbook, we ensure that we reward our users for making us India’s favorite cryptocurrency exchange!

INR Open Orderbook now live on CoinDCX

The Big Update

The open INR orderbook goes live @ 2:00 pm today!

Now you can buy BTC directly against INR from the open INR orderbook. This orderbook is all set to revive the cryptocurrency market in India.

How to trade in the BTC/INR market

How is it different from DCXInsta

Note: Standard fee of 0.20% applies to trading in BTC/INR market.

So stay tuned and login to CoinDCX @ 2:00 pm to start trading in the BTC/INR market.

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