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Will Crypto Market Recover again after the Crypto Crash 2022?

Bitcoin Price

Crypto Market Overview – In Brief

The crypto space is undergoing a roller coaster ride as the Bitcoin price actions are deviating to a larger extent. The star crypto has a v-shape recovery to hit the levels above INR 24.5 Lakh, but within a couple of hours dropped more than 5% to trade again below INR 24 Lakh. 

As BTC prices plunged hard, the markets also reacted negatively with the Global Market Cap slashing below INR 100 trillion. On the other hand, the total crypto market volume witnessed a 7.84% surge while the DeFi volume jumped by 10.02%. The volume of all stablecoins is currently above INR 6 trillion which is 87% of the total crypto market volume.

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Top 10 Crypto Price Today

Crypto Asset  Price* % Change (24 Hrs)* Market Capitalization*
Bitcoin (BTC) INR 23,53,968.43 +2.58% INR 44.81 trillion
Ethereum (ETH) INR 1,39,042.34 +2.08% INR 16.84 trillion
Tether (USDT) INR 77.65 +0.03% INR 5.6 trillion
USD Coin (USDC) INR 77.71 +0.05% INR 4.18 trillion
BinanceCoin (BNB) INR 22,361.75 +2.20% INR 3.65 trillion
Cardano (ADA) INR 49.69 +8.69% INR 1.68 trillion
XRP (XRP) INR 31.03 +2.48% INR 1.49 trillion
BinanceUSD(BUSD) INR 77.64 -0.15% INR 1.39 trillion
Solana (SOL) INR 3,030.76 -1.02% INR 1.03 trillion
Dogecoin (DOGE) INR 6.21 +0.64% INR 824 billion

* As of 08 June 2022, 11 AM

Bitcoin(BTC) Price Prediction – Weekly

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin price had a bearish start for the month as it slumped down by nearly 8%. However, the asset crawled back slowly yet steadily above INR 24 lakhs a couple of times but eventually failed to hold these levels. Currently, the prices have witnessed yet another plunge but the price still trades close to INR 23.5 Lakh. However, it appears that BTC prices are swinging within a fixed bandwidth between INR 24.5 lakh and INR 22.8 lakh. A surge beyond INR 25 lakh may ignite a bullish momentum, while a drop below INR 22 lakh could drag the asset into a deep bearish well. 

Bitcoin Price Trend Comparison with Ethereum

Source: Tradingview

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum price rallies are said to be deeply correlated as the latter always follows the No.1 crypto
  • As the markets crashed in the first week of May, ETH prices experienced a more brutal plunge than Bitcoin which appears to have continued until the press time
  • While BTC price is maintaining is a trend with a parallel consolidation, ETH price appears to have opted for consolidation within a descending parallel channel
  • Bitcoin price trend is hovering between -28% and -34.65% presently, while ETH price trend has tanked from -36.14% to the current levels at -46.34%
  • Woefully, both the assets are currently heading towards the south and hence may continue consolidating within their respective trends

Here’s When Bitcoin (BTC) Price May Recover!

As Bitcoin price rose slightly high in the early trading hours, it appeared that the crypto markets could recover the previous day’s losses. But the asset dropped very quickly, leaving the other assets in a state of uncertainty. Therefore, the BTC price is required to break the channel irrespective of the direction to induce significant volatility much required for a healthy price rally ahead. Therefore, a strong confirmation of the trend could attract more investors who may take the rally towards the predetermined targets.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin price should either break above INR 25 lakh or slump below INR 22 lakh to materialize a bullish or a bearish trend. In both cases, the FOMO factor could bring back the missing volatility required for the Bitcoin prices to recover. Therefore, it is better to keep a close watch and not just jump in to acquire when the BTC price bottoms. 

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Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction-Weekly

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum price also maintained a similar trend as Bitcoin, but the resistance levels are constantly depleting. Each time, the BTC price tests and clears INR 24 lakh, ETH price tests INR 1.5 lakh. However, since the beginning of June’s trade, the prices have been severely under the bear’s captivity.

Despite a significant influx of buying volume, the prices fail to reach the local resistance and hence fewer possibilities of a rebound can be expected. Therefore, to ignite a strong upswing, the ETH price is required to test and clear INR 1.5 lakh crucial zone at the earliest.

Ethereum Price Comparison with XRP

Source: Tradingview

  • Ethereum and XRP maintain a similar trend for the past a couple of months until the recent market crash decoupled both the price actions
  • XRP price began to drop hard just before the market collapsed which was later fueled by the crash ignited by LUNA-UST
  • No doubt the crash impacted ETH prices as well, yet the XRP’s losses remained a little at a higher-end comparatively
  • Presently, ETH price after sliding down from -12.28% dropped harder to hit -45%, while XRP price is hovering around -51%

When Will Ethereum Price Recover?

Ethereum price and the other major crypto assets closely follow the Bitcoin price action. Therefore BTC is required to stabilize at the earliest after attaining the levels above its local resistance. Once the ETH price secures its levels above INR 1.5 lakh, one can expect a significant upward trajectory to stabilize.

On the other hand, the much-awaited PoW-PoS merger is fast approaching along with the other network updates that may induce significant volatility. However, the spike led by external factors could be short-lived compared to the rally ignited due to the market sentiments. Therefore, watch out for the trend confirmation and then jump in to accomplish a profitable trade. 

Check the latest prices, charts, and data of ETH/INR

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Is it Still Safe to Invest in Crypto?

It is a known fact that crypto markets are extremely volatile and subject to risks. The price variation is based upon the market sentiments and mainly due to FUD or FOMO factor-induced as on time. No doubt, currently the markets are pretty unpredictable, yet the possibilities of a huge bull run cannot be completely nullified. 

Therefore, if you are considering a long-term investment for a year or two, cryptos may incur you good profits. But if you want to be a short-term or intraday trader, then you must be ready to tolerate higher levels of risks too. 

Collectively, crypto markets are very hard to predict and hence it is better to invest only that amount of money, you can afford to lose. 

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