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Why is Ripple(XRP) Price Rising Today?

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Why is XRP Price Rising Today?

Key Developments

Ripple Price Prediction for Today

The XRP price has been incremental ever since the beginning of the present trading month as it flipped firmly after reaching the lows close to $0.44. With a rebound, XRP managed to reach the highs at $0.5485 but despite facing a slight pullback, yet holds the $0.52 support levels. However, the token is trying hard to halt the bearish trend, but a visit to lower support may only trigger a strong rebound. 

Presently, the bears have dominated the rally as the prices are constantly dropping for the past couple of hours. Therefore, the possibility of the token testing the lower support at $0.511 appears to be pretty high. Hence before the end of the day’s trade, the XRP price may reach these levels and attempt a rebound.

 While the market sentiments are slightly coiling up, the Ripple crypto price may also rebound before testing lower support. 

Ripple Price Technical Analysis

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Ripple Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024 & 2025

Ripple price has been trading flat or without much volatility for nearly a year, mainly due to the ongoing Ripple vs SEC lawsuit. Moreover, the bearish market conditions further compelled the price to remain consolidated below the resistance. Therefore, in the coming days, the XRP price is expected to rise high as many factors point towards an upcoming bullish trend. Hence, laying down the possibility of a significant upswing in the coming years. 

Year  Price Forecast
2022 $0.8 to $1.12
2023 $1.8 to $2.01
2024 $2.1 to $2.5
2025 $1.98 to $2.8

Collectively, the Ripple price is displaying immense strength as the positive rounds of sentiments are surrounding the token. Therefore, if you want to buy XRP, then download the CoinDCX App on your smartphone and register now!

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