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Why major brands like Starbucks, Meta, Disney, Coca-Cola & more choose to build their Web3 Projects on Polygon Network

Why major brands like Starbucks, Meta, Disney, Coca-Cola & more choose to build their Web3 Projects on Polygon Network

The ongoing crypto scenario, amidst the FTX collapse and others, a lot many Web3 projects has been taking place or are getting introduced to the world. Brands like Starbucks, Reddit, Meta, Nike, Disney, and Coca-Cola have either already built on Polygon; the Ethereum scaling network or have announced their plans to do so.

Before diving into the news, a small recap of what is Polygon..

Polygon is one of the best  ‘2-layer’ or a ‘sidechain’ scaling solutions that work alongside the Ethereum network, enabling faster transactions at affordable costs. The chain works parallelly with the Ethereum network and to use the chain one can easily bridge their cryptos over to Polygon and interact with the wide range of Ethereum-based crypto apps. The Polygon chain uses the Proof-of-Stake mechanism aiming to scale Ethereum with its abundance of sidechains which are intending to unclog with the main platform in an effective & cost-efficient manner.

With so much happening in the crypto world, the Polygon network has shown that it is going strong and provenly, big brands have joined hands with the network to work on various Web3 projects! Some of the recent highlights of Polygon’s various projects include:

Due to so many projects that have chosen Polygon as their hoster, there has been a buzz around the native token of the Polygon network; MATIC. The buzz has not only resulted in the rise of the price of Polygon’s MATIC token and built up the biz-dev reputation of Polygon Studios and CEO Ryan Wyatt, but the initial results of these projects are also looking promising as per various reports. Reddit has also announced that recently its users have created a little more than 3 million Polygon wallets in order to claim a free NFT avatar! The whole project from a wider angle is generating more momentum around them and also around the broader crypto space!

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Wyatt commented, “With Web2 companies, the impact is bigger and the implications are always bigger for those partners because they’re navigating the space for the first time. And so they are being very strategic in the way that they’re doing it. They want to talk through it. That’s a little bit of a different experience.” The good handshake between the Web2 giants and the Web3 people who breathe and live the space is kind of the secret sauce for the team.

Source: Decrypt

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