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Top Crypto News: Twitter adds Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum (ETH) price charts to its search!

Key Takeaways:

Twitter and DOGE have been deeply correlated ever since Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk acquired the world’s largest social media platform and became the new CEO. DOGE price had risen magnificently then and acquired additional boosts when Mr Musk hinted to integrate Dogecoin as one of the payment methods for Twitter. 

Amidst whether Elon Musk will continue to remain as the Twitter CEO or not, the platform has now updated its search functionalities. The search bar is now updated with the results incorporating Bitcoin (BTC) price and Ethereum (ETH) price. Presently, only the top 2 cryptos have been added and many other tokens are still kept on hold. 

With the new functionality, one can just search Bitcoin or Ethereum in the search tab and can see the current price, price change and price chart. Twitter updates the search functionalities without any prior announcement to the public. A well-known analyst, Documenting Bitcoin who closely records the latest updates and changes around Bitcoin and other cryptos were the first to highlight.

This new functionality – called $Cashtags can now be used to search price indexes for various other assets too, ranging from S&P500 indices to stocks like $TSLA and many others.

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The chart on the app was sourced from popular charting tool, Tradingview too. This is a widely used and well known charting tool used by millions of traders worldwide, so much so even exchanges and brokers use Tradingview’s charts directly on their customer facing platforms.

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Interestingly, an option to ‘View on Robinhood’ also appears on the search results, which indicates that Twitter could have collaborated with the trading platform to integrate the current results. The link further redirects to the Robinhood platform which provides an additional link stating ‘Sign Up to Buy Ethereum’. 

Besides, some of the users also highlighted the charts in the search results have been sourced from a popular trading platform, Tradingview. However, Twitter has not publicly announced its collaboration with either Robinhood or Tradingview as of now. This is all when Elon Musk’s future as Twitter CEO is at Crossroads after the controversial poll where-in he asked whether he should step down as Twitter CEO or not. 

This poll went against Mr Musk as nearly 57% of the votes were in favour of him stepping down as the CEO. However, he further stated that he will resign as the CEO of Twitter as soon as he finds someone ‘foolish’ enough to take the job!

Source: CoinTelegraph

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