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Stellar Joins Hands To Work Towards Humanitarian Blockchain For Ukraine Refugees With UNHCR

Stellar Joins Hands To Work Towards Humanitarian Blockchain For Ukraine Refugees With UNHCR

Ever since the introduction of blockchain technology in the world, the most important characteristic it has brought to the table is its versatile nature to cater to any functionality. Talk for sustainability, the health sector, and the infamous crypto space, blockchain has been helping widely. One such newer use case is the humanitarian groups making use of the technology. Recently, humanitarian groups have been increasingly making use of blockchain technology in order to solve problems with a lack of banking or inadequate identity proof in developing or war-torn nations.

The humanitarian group has recently announced two such projects in December. One of them is set to include providing cash aid to the Ukrainian refugees by making use of the Stellar network while the other such project has plans to offer cash and vouchers via the Partisia network.

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However, previous projects with the same intention have had mixed outcomes. While some of the projects were a good effort and did yield the required result; but for others, the use of the blockchain has turned out to be superfluous. Some of the use cases that leaders had discussed blockchain to be able to help with are:

Yesterday, 15 December 2022, the Stellar Development Foundation announced that the organization has joined hands with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees also referred to as the UNHCR; to work towards offering USD Coin on the Stellar network as a form of cash aid to the Ukrainian refugees.

These USDC tokens will be redeemable at any location via MoneyGram. The partners working in the project are sure that the program will be able to make it easier for refugees to receive aid even if they are devoid of any bank accounts or if they are not able to access the ones that they do have.

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Stellar’s aid assistant product manager, Tori Samples said, “This product was specifically designed to meet the needs of aid organizations delivering assistance in difficult environments. It can’t be experimental or not hold up to real-world use. Donor dollars are some of the most scrutinized in the entire world. The fact that some of the largest aid organizations are using Stellar Aid Assist today in Ukraine shows that it has real-world value and the potential to scale.

Source: Cointelegraph

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