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Top Crypto News: Ducati Partners with Ripple (XRP) Blockchain To Launch Ducati NFTs

Top Crypto News: XRP & Nft Pro Partners With Ducati To Launch an NFT Collection.

Ripple made an official announcement on Twitter about their partnership with Ducati Motors and NFT Pro to bring Ducati NFTs to their fans. 

The partnership is set in stone with Ducati Motor Holdings – an Italian Motorcycle company, XRPL blockchain and NFT PRO – a solution designed for blue chip projects. The participants of this partnership aim at bringing ‘Ducati to Life’ through NFTs and Web 3.0 initiatives to connect with Ducati fans through unique asset offerings by the motorcycle company. 

Ducati is headquartered in Bologna, Italy and is owned by ‘Lamborghini’, whose parent enterprise is ‘Audi’ which is owned by the German company ‘Volkswagen’

In a press release, Ducati called NFT PRO “the number one corporate white-label NFT solution for global brands”. The motorcycle firm also mentioned that they will leverage XRPL Ripple’s ledger to deploy their projects. They chose XRP for its scalability,  cost efficiency and the fact that they are a carbon-neutral blockchain. 

The press release also mentioned that Ducati will optimize the use of Web3.0 space to launch their initiatives on the new and open internet as it is the fastest and gaining popular way to connect with their audience. The firm plans to roll out Web3.0-based virtual offerings and NFT is just the start of this new era for Ducati. 

‘Claudio Domenicali’, CEO, Ducati commented

“Entering Web 3.0 is another way to get closer to the Ducatisti community by further extending the number of services offered to them. It also represents an opportunity to meet and make ourselves known to a new community of NFT enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to live unique Ducati-style experiences and collect the digital assets that we will develop exclusively for this new dimension of the brand.“

‘Christian Ferri’, CEO of NFT PRO exclaimed,

 “The opportunity to work with such an iconic motorcycle brand is a dream come true for us. I am a passionate rider myself, so we felt like kids in a candy store developing a strategy to introduce the brand to a whole new audience. We’re extremely proud to be a critical part of Ducati’s NFT launch and look forward to creating more cool projects for their fans to engage with.“

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The rise of NFT blue chip projects on Ripple

XRP is gaining traction on the crypto and blockchain radar for its impeccable technology. On June 16, 2022, ‘Lotus Cars’ a British automotive manufacturing company announced their launch of NFTs in collaboration with XRP to offer technical support and ‘NFT PRO’ for launching it in the world of NFTs. 

In a press release, ‘Lotus Cars’ expressed their excitement to embrace the Web3.0 opportunity to create a common base for Lotus Car enthusiasts, NFT collectors and crypto aficionados. 

NFTs during Crypto Bear Market 

While the market is experiencing the consolidation phase after a long haul of crypto winter, the blue-chip NFTs have gained momentum and have brought in some relief to crypto believers. NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club too took the hit for a while and regained their ground in the blue-chip NFTs list in recent weeks. While some of the crypto assets have been going through turmoil some cryptos have revived and are moving away from resistance towards support. XRP has reached the green zone in the last 24 hours. 

Source: Coinmarketcap

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