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‘Redefining Beauty’ Ethereum NFTs And DAOs From L’Oréal’s NYX Makeup Brand

'Redefining Beauty' Ethereum NFTs And DAOs From L'Oréal’s NYX Makeup Brand

Creativity and the artworks by creators have seen a huge change since the introduction of NFTs or digital art. Besides from being absolutely unique, the most exciting part is, the artists and creators have a lot more grounds they can explore; for they have the globe full of audience to cater to. In 2022, the crypto and NFT space has seen a whole lot of partnerships being made. With the starting of 2023, makeup brand L’Oréal’s NYX has announced that they are introducing makeup DAOs and Ethereum NFTs, which will not only let the makeup world give the freedom of owning their creations but also provide a space that is not defined by  predefines traits.

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On Thursday, the L’Oréal brand announced that NYX Professional Makeup will be launching an online beauty “incubator” in the form of a DAO called GORJS. Along with that the brand is also looking at introducing almost a 1,000 Ethereum NFTs; which will be called the “FKWME Pass”.  According to the DAO’s litepaper, which describes the technical part of it, GORJS is the first beauty decentralized autonomous organization or DAO, that is focused on fostering the development of the 3D artist community and its evolving approach to makeup in the Metaverse! The GORJS DAO, which is pronounced as gorgeous is “what beauty will be in the metaverse, and lead the cultural conversation as it relates to the values of diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility.

Initially announced in June, the project has finally got a date of release with the same visit on mind. The FKWME NFT passes will be available to the public starting February 1, with a price of 0.19 ETH, which is about $290 each at present.

Yann Joffredo, the NYX Global Brand President stated in a statement that the GORJS project was created to give a space to the 3D creators for them to find their paths to success in the Web3 ecosystem. Joffredo also commented that, “From extraterrestrial glass skin to morphing elemental lashes, makeup and digital fantasy are entwined in an aspirational, accessible way. In one instance, eyelashes might be stacked in a multi-tier beauty application norm; in Web3, they could dramatically flare into lifelike flames that dare the viewer to dream.

The Ethereum DAO members will be making use of the GORJS tokens as voting chips for various projects and DAO proposals.

Using the Ethereum FKWME tokens, the DAO members will be able to earn soulbound GORJS NFTs! The soul bound tokens are non-transferable tokens that represent credentials and affiliations within DeSoc, and are linked to Souls, which are a type of address that establishes provenance.

When asked about the name FKWME, Yann Joffredo said, “a casual phrase used when you want others to share the same vision as you: to join you, connect with you, and vibe with you on a social level.

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