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Top Crypto News Today: Rare David Bowie NFT Collection Sold for $127,000 on Opensea

Top Crypto News: Rare David Bowie NFT Collaboration With FEWOCiOUS Sells for $127,000

Key Takeaways 

The Bowie collection – an Estate NFT project projecting the life of the late British pop singer ‘David Bowie’ sold at $127,000 on Monday, 3 October, 2022 on Opensea. The project is titled as Bowie on the Blockchain’ and was launched on 30 September, 2022. Each NFT in the Bowie on the Blockchain collection sold at an average price of 3 to 5 ETH and the last NFT sold from the collection booked a profit of 96.529 ETH. 

The collection featured art works by 9 artists from the NFT landscape. The Bowie collection includes an NFT of a 19 year old artist Victor Langlois popularly known as ‘FEWOCiOUS’. His artwork represents an animated version of himself wearing a custom Bowie suit. 

The artist discusses his life in digital art from the early beginnings to selling his collection of NFTs paired with physical paintings. In an interview with CoinDesk, the 19 year old artist spoke about his camaraderie with art and how he finds solace in making art. He shared his first experience of selling a physical painting at $90 to finding NFT artist communities that not only helped him find a way to digital art communities but also helped him in creating some phenomenal art pieces. 

The sale profits will proceed to Care – a global Non Profit organization. Bowie’s wife Imam is the global advocate of the organization. According to OpenSea, the NFT collection will keep Bowie’s legacy alive by empowering artist communities that are tied digitally and will remain as an inspiration for other artists.  

The artworks were sold in a span of three days from its listing. Many netizens on twitter criticized saying that Bowie would not like it. But the collection’s outcome seemed otherwise.

The second highest paid artwork in the collection titled “It Became A Myth Land” is designed by NFT artist Defaced. The unique art piece runs on a 12 hour clock analogue that showcases the different phases of the legendary pop star. At the time of purchase  it came with an Atomic Form digital frame to project the art work. 

Stars stuck at Estate NFT projects 

Bowie’s Digital art work collection was just the tip of the iceberg in the celebrity artwork segment. Many renowned artists have already hopped the NFT bandwagon.  

In July 2022 another estate called ‘Biggie Smalls’ partnered with music  NFT marketplace OneOf for releasing “Sky’s the Limit,” a 3,000-piece collection of generative art profile pictures (PFPs) with an exclusive rights license of his unreleased track “Fulton Street Freestyle.”

One of  the most touted releases was the Elvis Presley Enterprises project that airdropped NFTs of wigs and jumpsuits in the Metaverse. The airdrop was done in an event held in January to release “Elvis-On-Chain” NFTs. 

Source: CoinDesk 

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