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Top Crypto News Today: Polygon partners with Ocean Conservation NGO, OCEEF to boost Ocean Literacy

Polygon has added some valuable partnerships to their kitty. The Web3 pioneer is now set to dive into Sea life literacy through entertainment with OCEEF. Polygon announced its newest partnership on their official website yesterday. The partnership will entail joint initiatives on rolling out ‘sea missions’ to boost awareness about marine life amongst masses. 

OCEEF is all set to share their experiences with marine life by opening the doors of their state-of-the-art research arm, the RV Odyssey. Individuals interested in learning and contributing to this shared mission of preserving marine life can do so by entering into the metaverse and doing their bit at the institution. 

Polygon aims to support the cause by extending their governance model and through NFT sales to finance the cause and create awareness at the same time. Contributors or members of the ecosystem will be able to contribute in decision making through: 

OCEEF Missions: The scientific committee recommendations will help members of this initiative to be able to choose the right missions to preserve and create awareness around marine life extinction and ways to solve it. 

Participation: OCEEF will open submission entries for students to join the team and form the groups to take on a mission. Participants will be able to take part in sea dives that will be funded by NFT sales revenue.

Choosing locations: The members will be able to choose the countries that they wish to visit and drive the initiative in. OCEEF will provide Special Research Permits for locations that are undiscovered and are otherwise not open to the public. 

“Being able to facilitate a global endeavor such as the one that OCEEF is undertaking is very humbling,” said Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon. “I know that our technology is up to the task of bringing these types of immersive, educational and change-making experiences to people all over the globe.”

Polygon undertook their journey to become carbon negative in April, 2022 and has set $20 million to support projects with a cause linked to climate change. The web3 organization has successfully earned the status of a carbon negative chain by being able to eliminate 104,794 tonnes in gas. 

Last week, the firm held the Green Blockchain Summit 2.0 aired live on YouTube and Alex Moukas, Founder, OCEEF took part in the event. 

“Using our Polygon partnership and its carbon-neutral tech as a launchpad, we will be using technology to democratize access to the vessel through multiple Web3 platforms as well as provide participants with the ability to help decide the vessel’s future itinerary and research,” Moukas quoted at the summit. 

OCEEF has been rolling out some well thought out initiatives to bring environment conscious people to take part in saving the depleting marine life. The Non for profit organization has a one of a kind sub that can be deployed to 7,500 ft below sea level. The sub can take up to 3 people and can manage pressure of 230 under water. 

The Sub is equipped with state of the art hull connectors and titanium robotic manipulators. The sub can also record 6K resolution video underwater.

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Source: Polygon 

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