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Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Talks About BTC Price By Creating a Wild Theory

Bitcoin Price

The onset of the crypto space took place when an anonymous person, whom the world know as Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a peer to peer option for the world to make use of. To dive a little deeper, Bitcoin is the largest crypto by market capitalization within the crypto ecosystem. It is also the token that opened the doors for cryptos, and has the largest trading volumes in the market as well. Moving from the crypto winter of 2022, Bitcoin have been seeing a surge in its prices in January 2023.

The marker sentiment, which is usually calculated via the Fear and Greed Index, shows that what had slipped into the extreme fear territory in the last two months of 2022 has recovered strongly since the beginning of the new year thanks to a strong recovery in BTC price. This is a multi-factoral crypto market analysis that analyses the sentiments of the market participants. It does so by calculating several metrics including volatility, market momentum, volume and social media sentiment of a particular crypto, in this case, Bitcoin.

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Following the rise in BTC prices and the delaying airlines in the United States and Canada, controversial Fox reporter, Tucker Carlson drove a wild theory about the two being coincidentally related. According to Tucker, speaking on his “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment of Fox News on January 17, he said that the computer outage which was behind the widespread delays may have been the result of ransomware. He went on and theorized that the US Government may have taken the route to buy a large amount of Bitcoin in order to pay the ransom. Though he claimed these without any evidence for the same.

Tucker Carlson said, “Almost all ransoms like this are paid in Bitcoin. So if the US government was buying huge amounts of Bitcoin in order to pay a ransom, Bitcoin prices would surge, of course. So the question is has that happened? Well yes, it has happened. Since the nationwide ground stop last Thursday the price of Bitcoin has shot up about 20%. Is that a coincidence?

However, the crypto community did not take it lightly even if Tucker’s audience might be of the opinion that the theory is plausible. The founder of FactoryDAO, Nick Almond took to twitter and shared that Tucker’s theory is “maximum tin foil”.

Nick Almond also went on to respond to believes of the theory.

Joining Nick is Adam Back, the CEO if Blockstream, who mockced Tucker for his theory and turned to Twitter to share his opinion.

The whole news started when almost more than 1,300 flights were cancelled with an additional 10,000 flights that were delayed in the first two days of the disruption.

According to the FAA statement, “The FAA is continuing a thorough review to determine the root cause of the Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) system outage. Our preliminary work has traced the outage to a damaged database file.

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Source: Cointelegraph 

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