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Top Crypto News Today: Dubai to be the First in the World to offer Metaverse Police Services on Virtual Lands

Top Crypto News Today: Now Virtual Lands on The Metaverse Has Metaverse Cops - Dubai To be the First In the World To Offer the Services!

The news recently has been filled with events happening in the crypto space. Moreover, the evolution of the crypto space into what we now know as the Metaverse or different NFT collectibles has also made a pretty amazing storyline for itself. 

With the Metavarse making its rounds since 1992; its journey from being an imagination in a novel to now a multibillion dollar industry that is slowly gaining the interest of individuals and major companies all over the world; has been an amazing journey!

From online gaming to hosting virtual concerts, from areas being built as per individual requirements to now those virtual worlds having Metaverse Cops! How stunning technology has become! Interesting insight, this year, in 2022, Metaverse’s market capitalization has already surpassed $38.5 billion! According to experts, this space is expected to grow even more as more and more users are very enthusiastic to join in different projects or programs that make use of this emerging technological innovation.

For the most part of 2022, users of this budding industry have topped 400 million according to a news published by Bitcoinist.  Along with this, a vast majority of this number has also expressed willingness to spend up to a huge amount of $1,000 for advanced Virtual Reality (VR) gear alone! While the applications that dominate the Metaverse are online shopping, gaming, and social media as well as other forms of content creation, law enforcement will also be trying its luck with the vast digital ecosystem courtesy of the Dubai Police.

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According to a report published by the Khaleej Times, the Ajman Police General Command attended the Dubai Metaverse Forum and confirmed the launch of an innovative app at Gitex Technology Week called “Request for Sponsorship,” which enables people to get in touch with the police digitally.

The app also supports seven distinct languages, including Arabic, English, Chinese, Russian, French, German, and Spanish. Not only is the application capable of running itself in 7 languages, but this new smart application also lets the police establish another communication channel through the virtual domain. This functionality aims to solve societal problems, and is pre-loaded with 70 designed servicing staff.

According to the Bitcoinist report, Dubai Police Artificial Intelligence Director Maj. Gen. Khalid Naseer Al Razooqi has mentioned that the smart device that is set to be used for this Metaverse project also saves an individual’s information and transactions along with data for traffic violations and any other offenses committed by the user. This development is the first step in the goal of the United Arab Emirates to become a Metaverse Hub! Strengthening its envisioned all-digital economy.

Source: Bitcoinist

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